Well, before I start to rant about the title of this post, I would like to say that life is indeed populated with persons who just put their own self above anything else. The more I think about it, the more I start thinking that this indeed is true and for what reason would it be otherwise. Even the people who pay the beggars do so thinking that God would become happy and relieve them of worries and blah..blah..blah. On the other hand, I think that I have seen so little of the world yet, to make such a statement anyway. I have, indeed, met a few persons who seem so chilled out to worry much about their future but probably that is just an illusion.
One could guage from the above paragraph that I think of such things a lot, but that is not true. I am (or well ‘was’) a person who never worried about what others’ thought about him or even analysed others’ behaviour. It has only been in the last six months or so, when I am starting to realise and feel the politics of real life – one of the hard truths I have learned in the hostel life. One gotta be really poltu (campus lingo for politics) to move up the ladder of insti life.
I am at present a hostel representative for the english publications of BSP (Board for Student Publications). Well at present, there is huge amount of BSP workload on my shoulders. It is primarily due to my enthu in doing work but also due to my hindi co-rep, who has helped me to become more aggressive and forthcoming in what I do.
To list out the BSP work:
1: Campus Rumpus 6
(a) Cover page & layout
(b) Articles

2: Literati
(a) Getting sponspors
(b) Getting guest speakers
(c) Designing the poster

3: Contact
(a) Cover page
(b) Articles

This is just the BSP work and the fall out of working with BSP is that I now know Photoshop to such a extent that I am asked to design posters for other things as well. Works I just finished:
(1) Designing ‘Cheminique’ website
(2) Designing ‘Cheminique’ postesr
(3) Designing ‘BSA’ website
(4) Designing posters for ‘Hindi Samiti’

I love working with Photoshop but I have lately realised that such works puncture deep into my time, thus leaving very little time for studies. But I am deeply grateful to my House Secy. for having made me a BSP rep. and as a result a part of the BSP thing. I am having a great time working for BSP. It really means so much to me now!!!!!!!!
Well all this is good and I would have been deeply satisfied if my work would have been paying any dividends. My mentor, a great person, is not at all interested in my work (well i should have used the word ‘satisfied with’). I really don’t know but all the hard work I am putting in is not just bearing any fruits. I just hope that the saying ‘Hard work pays’ holds true for me as well even though Lady Luck betrays me most of the times.
It is really interesting to note that Lady Luck, while being really generous on showering luck on some persons, is equally miser in showering luck on the others. In my opinion, she should be equally generous to all, as we all live in an equilatarian society after independence (oops… a hugga… i had tried hard not to throw one here but I just can’t seem to hold some… I am suffering from diarrhoea you see).
Well I end this post hoping that mera waqt jaldi aayega. Amen.


Entering the Blogosphere!!

Well, today I think is a very special day.
I have finally entered the blogosphere with a blog of my own. Yo!!!! I have been a regular reader here at Blogspot, but well, a blog of my own… never took place. I had been planning to do this a long time back that is around six months back, but then my pure laziness ahd kept me from doing so. Another desire shot up in last November when I bought my own computer. However, it crashed down within a week and before I knew, I had lost 2500 bucks in buying a new RAM. More on that, later……
Well its around midnight right now (actually its 1) and I gotta sleep. A hard day of work beckons tomorrow (well I mean today only yaar since its already over 12), and I need rest.
Entering the blogosphere has made another entry to my long list of works, but I hope this won’t be a burden and instead help in venting out my feelings and make me more secure emotionally (wow! the last two words sound cool even though I hardly understand their meaning).
So good bye and a good night!