Entering the Blogosphere!!

Well, today I think is a very special day.
I have finally entered the blogosphere with a blog of my own. Yo!!!! I have been a regular reader here at Blogspot, but well, a blog of my own… never took place. I had been planning to do this a long time back that is around six months back, but then my pure laziness ahd kept me from doing so. Another desire shot up in last November when I bought my own computer. However, it crashed down within a week and before I knew, I had lost 2500 bucks in buying a new RAM. More on that, later……
Well its around midnight right now (actually its 1) and I gotta sleep. A hard day of work beckons tomorrow (well I mean today only yaar since its already over 12), and I need rest.
Entering the blogosphere has made another entry to my long list of works, but I hope this won’t be a burden and instead help in venting out my feelings and make me more secure emotionally (wow! the last two words sound cool even though I hardly understand their meaning).
So good bye and a good night!


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