Finally the third one!

Well, well and well! I am finally writing the third post of this blog! Its been a month since the second one but what a month it has been. From 9th February to 9th March (its over 12 now yaar), I have sat idle in my room which is very unlike the first year of my stay here. It feels so heart gladdening to be able to say (oops, I am writing), that this has been one of the most satisfying month of my life until now, probably the most satisfying I guess. I don’t feel guilty of not being regular after entering the blogosphere because of the enormous amount of workload that I took upon my shoulder and was finally able to peacefully and quietly remove those loads one by one and put them at their right place.
At present, everything looks so beautiful. Kara, my beautiful home away from home, has won four trophies this year and that includes BSP, a trophy that has been won primarily due to the hardwork of just two persons in the hostel and I am very very glad to boast that I am one of those two persons. I am deeply indebted to my other co-rep Nikhil Mahant, who too worked sincerely and religiously to win the trophy.
Well comign back on the duels I battled during the past month, I will first lay them down in points:
1) Pre-Literati work
2) Minors (during one minor, i got a call from my g.sec in the evening to design a poster by midnight, and leaving all my studies I got down to the thing i am loving these days the best – designing)
3) Getting fucked up in the minors
4) Literati
5) Meeting my cousins at TGI Fridays’ and then getting drunk for the first time in my life … an experience worth mentioning here … will do that in another post
6) Pre-marriage work of didi and bhaiya
7) Playing inter-hostel TT matches
8) Attending Meenu Didi’s marriage
9) Travelled for more than 5 hours everyday for four consecutive days.
10) Attended Anu Bhaiya’s wedding – an awesome experience being a Baraati and having my first Bhabhi is again an awesome experience I cannot describe.

I come back a couple of hours back after seeing off my Tauji at the airport, and get the news that my cover for last cr has been finally selected – feels good to hear that my hard work finally bore fruit. During Literati, my G.sec praised me for my work which is a good enough treat for me though I would love a Pizza Hut treat anytime now.

Well i am sleepy now and have to attend the mroning class tomorrow (oops.. today) . even though I want to keep on writing about my experiences – literati, tt, marriages, minors…., but i will stop for now.
Before signing off, I congratulate each and every member of this great hostel, Karakoram, for working hard for making our heart swell with pride in saying,
Jai Kara, Jai Kara. Kara ka enthu high Hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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