Reality bites!

Its been another long period since I wrote my last blog, but life has been so very busy lately. Just a few hours after I wrote my last blog, I get a message that we are not getting the BSP winners’ trophy. Shocked at the news, I rush to get the matter cleared. I work on the figures and points for one whole day, scratching my head to understand what went wrong. It wasn’t as if it wasn’t clear. The G.Sec had very cleverly manipulated the point policy to his benefit such that his hostel won the trophy and we had to settle for the runners’ up trophy, even though it was very clear that it was Kara that had handled majority of the BSP work. The next day I talk to the G.Sec for an hour on phone and then have a meeting with him for a couple of hours trying to get Kara more points and making him understand that kara deserves the trophy but to no avail. The President was in no mood to even hear a sentence from us and finally, we had to settle in for the Runners’ up trophy. It did hurt and I was left speechless for a couple of days trying to digest the last minute poltu of IITD. “Reality bites, my dear, but one has to come with the terms of real world”, was the summation of the lesson I learned.
On sunday was the BHM night – a huge day for kara as it had won four trophies – First in RCA, First in BSW, Best House and Runners’ up in BSP. Felt great to have contributed to the hostel!!
After that was the Mid-sem break- it had its own ups and downs!! It started out with Holi (one of the best Holis I have ever played) and ended very badly becoz of the journey from shimla to ambala.
Anyhow, I am feeling a little down right now. Minors coming up from 25th. Haven’t started magai at all. gotta sleep !! good night!


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