so much magai to be done!!!!

well, right now I have huge loads of magai to be done and since morning haven’t even started. after my last post, I slept for like 5-6 hours, then took a shower and had dinner and after that I have been fooling on the comp!!
anyhow, I just thought that in this post, I should explain the reason for blogging from my viewpoint!
Most importantly, I am writing this blog as a kind of a diary so that I can fall back upon these memories in the torrid times of the future and smile on the futility of everything that one does. Hopefully those torrid times would never come and I would sail on the ocean of life peacefully. Another, but a lesser important reason is that I wish to improve my writing skills. Though I have been writing a lot since the high school days, the blogging thing provides a great platform to vent down ur feelings without caring for anyone and maintaining a blog provides the necessary boost to sharpen ur writing skills.
The name “The world beckons” signifies one of my mottos of life that is the whole world is out there for you to explore and it is just beckoning you to feel it. One ought to just notice the right doors of opportunity at the right time. But hey, this does not mean that I follow it religiously. hmmmmmm
well, i am again starting to feel a little hungry so I am going for extra messing.


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