sweating in the hot sun!

interestingly, one good thing that is coming out after writing blogs is that I am starting to think and analyse what is going on in my life and what I need to do in the future, atleast its a start. I am one of the those people who would just life for the present and not think about my future in the long term. Getting worried and mounting tension on myself at the pettiest of things has been one of my major weakness in the past. Though I haven’t got over it, but atleast now I know that there is this thing that I have to work on.
enough of this senti stuff. Most of it was because I have just come after giving my minor exam, and I have got fucked up. Though I did as I had expected because my preparation was not that good this time (as if it is good in other cases), but still it hurts not to do well in an exam. But now I have a day off tomorrow before three gruelling days of exams on mon, tue and wed. well after that its all chill for sometime though I promise myself that I would study hard for the majors definitely.
Work to do after the minors:
1) Karazine
2) Chem department website
3) Poltu
4) Magai

I am also planning to meet Pooja didi and stay at their house on some weekend. And of course, I would go to Mayur Vihar.
I don’t know why but during the exams, I think a lot about the things that I would do after teh exams are over – playing games, watching loads of movies, going out with friends and so on and on.

Anyhow, I am feeling really tired now … my head is starting to feel heavy – this is becoz I slept for just three hours last night becoz of the exam. I should go and have lunch and then sleep for atleast a couple of hours. Good day!!

P.S. Yeah, I know I have a lot of things to describe – the literati, bhm night and etc., but right now I am feeling really tired.!


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