The ordeal is over!

yeah, the minors are over, at last! These five days were truly some of the most hard times I have faced recently. Not just the minors but so many other things that kept on creeping up on me these five days. Next to the pressure of studies, my computer got fucked up again. Not the temperature thing ( I got that solved by just keeping my cabinet open). But that my comptuer freezes frequently, sometimes after just five minutes and sometimes after a couple of hours. It is very random and is not associated with the start of any particular program or anything. Nevertheless, I think its got to do with CPU fan or maybe as some people have said, this is a warning by my comp that it needs space to breathe – an extra 512 MB RAM. Anyhow, I am just gonna study this in more detail before any further step.
Well, I am really tired right now, and I ought to sleep but there are loads of things to do. This is kinda the first time that I was dreading the end of the minors specially the poltu season that is heavily in the air at present and would start crystallising from today itself. But for me there are some pressing issues to deal with starting from today itself:
1) Studying why my compu sucks so bad
2) Internship problem
3) Solving the crisis at home: behave more like a good little boy than a grown up independent teen.
4) Working on Karazine
5) Writing two lab reports by tomorrow
6) Watching movies
7) Starting smallville season 1
8) Getting the BSP work finally done: the JAM and Sanyogita thing
9) Staying over at Mayur vihar on saturday

Well it is great that the stuff amounts to number 9, as it is my lucky number, hopefully all the work is properly disposed off. Now I am kinda really tired, my eyes are starting to hurt, so I better sleep!!!!!!!!1


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