life sucks…

written on 6th april, 1 am in the night
Life is getting wierder day by day specially the past week. After the minors, everything has been so arbit in my life. Firstly, I am not feeling inclined to do anything useful. I really don’t know why but I guesss the huge stress throughout the year is finally starting to wear off now. Some little bit of work is still left to be done and I hope it finishes before something disastraous happens as my intuition is beginning to tell me. Well, leaving it behind, I am going through some huge troubles with my computer. I don’t know what the heck is the problem with it but it just hangs anytime it wants. I got it checked with the computer empire people but they are as stupid as anyone with the most basic of computer knowledge. Finally when they could not find anything, they just told that the problem must be with RAM though when I replaced it with a known good RAM the problem didn’t go away. How I wish I had not bought any computer? Just my bad luck damn it.Leaving this issue behind, my internship is also giving me big headaches such that I can not even sleep at night comfortably. Life is really sucking!And then I have like hundreds of presentations to give in around 10 days time from now. To be more exact I think the figure is around five. But still, thats a lot.In the poltu too, though I have become the Library Secy unianimously the external environment is not very good. Our hostel’s so called superior fourth-yearites are really leading us in a haphazhard manner, no one knowing firmly where to go. Just hoping that we get some G.Sec so that we can have a big festival to work on. Kara you can do it.At present, the voting is going on for the RCA secys, and I am keeping my fingers crossed so that we get the Music secy post, the only post we have put forth nominations for.My head is starting to spin now, with all the sleepless nights and sitting on computer (even though my computer sucks).Good bye for now.