The worst is yet to come??

well this is the time for ulti desperation! i have sucked up myself big time this majors and I just hope I am able to just scrape the figure of 7 this time as my SG, of course. God help me! My majors are not yet over and the final last one is tomorrow and it is the biggie – Walia!! This was the one I was fearing the most as I have very less marks in minors in this one, but after the other majors, I don’t know what worst I have yet to face. I have just come after giving chl260 major and even though I had pretty good preparation, I failed to justify that preparation. I had left just one program yesterday assuming that my luck would not be so bad that that program would only come and to my luck(?), that comprised of one-fourth of the question paper. Simply bad luck or what?
How I wish these majors to end as soon as possible? But at the same time, I am really not looking that much forward to the coming summer break. First and foremost, it is the training I have to undergo at Pune. Since I would be alone there( I mean no acquaintance) it would be quite a new experience for me except when I came to IIT (however then all my batch mates were facing the same problem). But I am being positive and thinking of all the things that I could do there. Being alone, I would be able to sit back and think – a thing that I have not done for a long time now except these blogs which as you see are highly infrequent. Probably i would be a regular blogger during my stay there. Also, I would be able to read voraciously during the period. Being the new Library Secy of the Hostel brings along with it certain privileges and I have access to all the books, so I would select the best ones I haven’t yet read, and take them along with me. Secondly, (this involves training too), the train journey to go to Pune. I would be travelling for around 30 hours at a stretch – alone and that too on a mode I haven’t travelled much on. previously I had such a long train journey when I was like four years old. So you can guess my excitement as well as the apprehension going through my mind. Writing this, I realise that another pasttime could be writing – there is the “Plausi Tweaks: A discovery” to finish. I just hope I have become a better writer since the last summer.
This is becoming kind of long blog as suddenly I remember that I still have one day to go before my majors are over. Tomorrow would be another day, when at 12:30 in the day, I would be a free man, once again, and then I can sit back and think over my plans for the summer.
Hoping to fod the Walia paper tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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