the summers….

hmm.. the summer break has finally started… and what a way to start. I was hoping to do so many things…just waiting for the majors to end so that I could plan the summers meticulously this time around. Well there is the NCL training to look forward to but at present there is nothing positive in the world. At present, I am just waiting for the grades. I know there is nothing I can do but even sitting at home, I would not be able to face my parents. So I am delaying seeing them as much as I can. Though they are very supportive and would instead help me move forward in life, I know I have disappointed them. yeah, yeah… I mentioned this in my last post and would not ramble on this time. Okay, so there are the summers coming up… a long two and a half month break, of which I spend one and a half in Pune at NCL. ANd the remaining one month, most probably in Shimla.
So besides the training, what else I can do staying in Pune? The most important thing I am planning now to do is sit back and think over my life and the priorities that have to come up during my remaining period of stay in IIT. Well there is a long time to stay in IIT – three years. So what after that? A couple of years of work experience before doing MBA in the States, or, going to IIM. Whatever the case, I am , at present, thinking of doing MBA. So I gotta start preparing for it. The most important thing being English. It has really taken a downfall since I have come to IIT, and writing this blog is one of the primary means of going back to old form. I need to most of all brush up my vocabulary which I guess has remained stagnant for these couple of years (or maybe thats what I just think). Reading loads of books would be a primary priority in my life now and thsi starts this summer itself. I am planning to finish off the LOTR series, besides reading the Eragorn and Eldest.
Secondly, I have my writing skills to work upon. It has been almost an year since I stopped writing now. I have to continue and try to finish off the Plause Tweaks: The Discovery, so that I atleast have the story in written form, and then I can work on it, and maybe re-write the whole thing, once I have my skills polished. Every now and then, the grade comes to my mind. God please, please save me this time around.
Okay, so what else? Should I forego my previous reading style, and start underlining difficult words and finding out their meaning? Would the effort be worth it? Well I guess the better thing to do would be to take CAT lessons, probably from the Net. Anyhow, right now I am feeling pretty hungry and would finish this post after around 15 minutes…
mmmm… pretty heavy lunch… just had a discussion with a friend who has a very low CG but still hasn’t got any fukka…there are just so many persons who even though not getting a fukka – have a low CG; however in my case it is just the opposite…even though I have maintained a pretty good CG (well an average CG to be more precise) one could never have imagined me getting a fukka… a shock for everyone; and that is when I am not scoring that badly in other subjects… just got a B in hukka.
However hard I try not to think about it, the issue does crop up out of no where. Intriguingly, we concluded that here in IIT, most professors do not test the knowledge in the majors and just try to prove their mettle against other profs. Giving just one question in the majors out of 10 chapters, comprising 50 marks is proof enough that the prof was not testing the knowledge but trying to show that he is such a stud prof that he can get away with such blatant display of power. Considering such a display, on looking back at the working of other profs, I am proud to say that I studied under Prof. A.K. Gupta, who truly tested the knowledge of the students rather than proving his mettle against any other prof. God save me please!
Okay I don’t want to ponder much on the past now. The most important thing now is how should I cope with such a disaster and move on in life. Having such wonderful and understanding parents would surely help.
Anyhow, let me come back to what I was rattling before the lunch break. What to do in the summers? Reading voraciously – writing loads of stuff – thinking about where I want my life to go – would remain on top of my list. Then would come relationship building – yeah, this is one area I have clearly lagged in the past two years, though I tried to remedy it in the last six months i guess. Anyhow, I think having good relationships is one of the primary routes to success in life – it helps one in having a good personality that would surely help me in the future i guess. Chalo, now I am pretty tired of sitting in an uncomfortable position and hammering the keys – there is some problem with them. I need to get the CD writer fixed!!! After summers now!!
God, I hope you are there!
Om Namah Shivay!
Om Bhur Bhavah Swaha, tat savitur bhare niyam;
bhargo devasaya dhimahee, dhiyo yo naha pracho dayat |


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