good morning!

good morning! it is 5 in the morning and I just woke up! yeah you heard (oops… read ) it right. I woke up so early. Actually it was something tthat I decided a cuople of das ago and it happened by nature, I hadn’t planned to do this before going to Pune. I hope I am able continue this… but of course not this early…probably around 7 woould be appropriate. anyhow lets see how things work out. Last night, theer was kinda storm with rains lashing at the windows and the winds howling and dI was outside in the lawns sitting with my friends when suddenly some dust particle stung my eye. Even after washing for several minutes it still hasn’t gone and is hurting badly. I cannot open my eyes EVEN NOW. That was the primary reason for me sleeping early last night. And please, sorry for the spelling mistakes in this post. I am writting everything with my eyes closed just letting my fingers do all the typing.
Okay now today is 15th May – the D-day… the day the grades would be out. Om Namah Shivay! God bless me! Hope I am saved the blushes. God, please save me.
Today I also have to leave for Ambala. I have to do alll the packing – then see the grades… go to kishan uncle’s house to keep the computer…and then leave. Hope I am able to do all that today itself. Just want to keep my parents happy. wel, the eye giving me big prolbem… again lying down
At 8:30 am
well the eye is still sore, man, life fll of hardships for me…come on damn it, atleast this eye should stop to hurt!
i was planning to pack during this time but just fell asleep…i hope everything happens for the best…
well i got to stop writing this and do something productive nwo.


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