God is there!

yes, God is there! It had been such a terrible week with so many ifs and buts but finally, the d-day came and I was saved the blushes of a fukka. Though I got really bad grades in a couple of courses, but the amount of preparation I had this sem, it feels great to have atleast scraped past the figure of 7 as my SG. Well the summers now await me with a new sense of direction and hope. Though for the past week I had been thinking of spending a summer in solitude and rethinking over my life, the no fukka sem has made me to again think. A journey of four hours is there for me to think over this. God, thank you very very much for giving me a new lease of life. I will fulfill the promises I made in the last few days. Life seems much more pleasant and happening now. Thank you papa and mummy, I know I put a lot of pressure on you. But it is just that I believe in you so much that I put all my troubles at your feet, because you are the ones who are truly God for me. This would not have been possible without your prayers and wishes. I love you very very much – no matter what happens in future I will try my best not to hurt you and give you everything that you ever wished for. Also, a big thank you for my brother, who is so very supportive and always there whenever I need him. Thank you big bro!
My thanks would be incomplete without mentioning my friends here. They were so very helpful and supportive when I was on the brink of getting a fukka, and the ways they tried to cheer me up. Also, it felt great to see the happiness on their faces when they heard that I was saved. great friends indeed. The only thing that hurts is the fukka that my friend, gabru got in this course. But it is good that he has got the course in the summers and there would be no problem in the future for any of our chem friends.
Everything happens for good! God, thank you again for being there when I needed you the most!
Also, my eye is fine now. I was not able to go home yesterday as the eye problem I was mentioning about became much worse. I went to the IIT Hospital but he was not able to take the thing out. He gave me some medicines but they were not effective. then I called up Dr. vikram uncle’s house. Aunty told me that those eyedrops the IIt doctor had given should not have been given and then she told me put a new eyedrop. She also scared me that if the thing remains in the eye for too long, it might become a serious problem. I was starting to feel really scared and thougth it would be best to go to their house, and that they would take care of everything. After taking a few of those eyedrops, I packed up my shorts and a tshirt and toothbrush and went to their house. She saw the black thing in the eye and removed it with a needle. Can you imagine that? Having a needle put in your eye? It was so scary, but she really is a skilled doctor. I did not feel a thing . Such dexterity – unbelievable. Thank you aunty. Now my eye is as good as ever.
I slept there overnight and came back first thing in the morning. I have been here in IIT for the last couple of hours but haven’t packed a thing. What the hell am i doing?
well i gotta stop this post and get ready.
I don’t know when I will write the next post, probably when I reach Pune now.


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