summer project

well I am finally in NCL and hopefully well settled… the prof is pretty cool and the colleagues too are chill (excepting the fact that they are proper maggus). lot of people from iitb and iitkgp but i m the only one from delhi. sucks huh.. i guess this is what was meant to be… meeting new people – new friends… hopefully it would turn out to be a great learning experience not just academic wise but also personality wise. Interacting with people!!!
anyhow, last week had been pretty busy! the trip to ambala…the marriage of shelly… the trip to chandigarh…getting sick and getting better just before the longgggggggg journey to pune…the apprehensions on the long journey … that couple of big guys who you just start hating by the look of them…finally reaching pune…the problem of lodging…the problem of reaching ncl… thanks to mr. rajesh who helped me at all times.
the project is good but i don’t really know yet what I am doing… doing just some mathematical work for a scientist or am i really learning something worth it.
i don’t know yet but i better start working now… it sucks that orkut doesn’t work but atleast i can blog!!!!!


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