the summers…part 2

date: wednesday, 24th may 2006
well i was just going through my previous post titled ‘summers…’ when I thought that it would be great to start writing a series on ‘summers’. I would try to talk about how I am progressing on the things I thought I would work upon in the this is the first sequel to that post.what to do in pune!! okay, today is just the third day of my stay here in Pune (sorry, third day at NCL and fourth in Pune), and I now kinda know the timings and other things of my stay here.i would have to work in NCL from 9:30 in the morning till almost 7 pm. tough , huh? counting the one hour break for lunch, it is almost a nine hour thing. pretty tough, especially when the prof is always in the room breathing hard on your neck. Though by nature, the prof is really nice and accomodative, he makes you work hard. And I thought that it would be a chill summer project. the only good thing is that there are many other students like me here, and even under Dr. Ravikumar (thats my prof), there is a guy from IITB and a girl from IITKGP. Both are pretty nice though they are kinda maggus. That girl is DR1, however, she doesn’t act like one! She is very small though her mouth is so big – a chatter box, someone completely unlike me in that respect as i don’t speak much.and that guy, Preshit Nandekar(??), (and that girl’s name is Aasha Parekh, don’t confuse her with that actress, 🙂 ), though not having a high DR is a maggu – fights hard at whatever work he is given. Aasha like a typical girl is always besides the prof, asking him questions and questions and questions.before i start digressing too much, let me come back to the original theme of this post. the summers.okay, so now i have very little time after exhausting myself at NCL – 10 hours mental work is very exhaustive – believe me. i reach back at my place by 7:30, rest for a while , have dinner and after reading for a couple of hours just fall asleep. no more insomnia or anything. though it has been just a couple of days, i don’t know if it would become a routine or what. also, i m hoping that i get accomodation in the hostel itself so that a lot of time would be saved in travelling to and fro (around 45 minutes walking). also it would help me in staying here till the first week of july. hope everything turns out okay.i feel scared these days to pray to God in case he thinks i am burdening him too much – first that walia course thing and now here. i gotta fight it out on my own. i know i am spending a lot of money and understand its importance. its just that i can’t help it. hope the training turns out to be worth the money. i just want to learn a lot and a change for the better in my personality , in my handling of other people specially strangers. i just hope that when i go back , i would be a better person.for improving english part, i think i would have to manage only with the reading part as for now. no writing or analysing myself.well at present i am studying signal processing – fourier transform and wavelet transform, in order to process LDA signal (Laser doppler anemometer) data from a bubble column reactor. prof is really good in that he is very intelligent and at the same time very good with MATLAB and other required is already 6:15 right now and i want to go back to my room now. tough day today as lots of studying – understood a lot about the FFTs but not the wavelets. hopefully tomorrow would be another day. also i wish to roam around pune. hopefully on friday!


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