the last weekend!

Today is Friday and hence the coming three days are the last few days when I can enjoy Pune – the last weekend before I go back to college! Okay, so tomorrow I am definitely going to Lonaavala & Khandala – if Saurabh comes along, well and good but if he doesn’t, well then let him go to hell – i will go alone. Today I am going to go and see Chaturshringi temple! On Sunday after checking into a new room (the fourth one since coming to Pune) in NCL colony, I will go to the station and probably visit the Osho centre!!
I just hope I am able to see the above places before leaving pune!! Wish me luck!!


visit to bhudwar peth!!!

Well, yesterday was the last day for me and navneet to hang out together…he is leaving for his hometown today and when he comes back after 10 days, I would have already left for my hometown, and hence it would probably be the last time we would be seeing each other. It was great to have him as a friend in a place when I knew no one on reaching pune. It is kinda interesting to note the great bonding of humans irrespective of their backgrounds, cultures etc. Now i am starting to get the feel that I won’t be really elated to go back home after settling myself nicely here in pune specially with that NSO problem lingering back in delhi.

Coming back to our last hangout, we went to Laxmi road where the various ‘peths’ (peth stands for ‘locality’ in Marathi) are situated. We had particularly planned ot visit Bhudwar peth. Even though navneet wasn’t particularly interested as he had been there a couple of times before, i desperately wanted to go there. wait, don’t start labelling me as a desperate, frustrated male; my desire to visit bhudwar peth was just to see a red light area. i had heard about it infinite times and even seen it in the movies numerous times, but to have a first hand experience is an altogether different experience. As soon as we entered the area, navneet started guiding me into the various gullies and narrating numerous stories of how he and his haraami friends would roam on these streets at late hours and have a great time (though even he knew that i wasn’t buying his fiction). the first horrific incident was when a lady who was standing near a corner, suddenly started walking and brushed her boobs across my arms just as we crossed her. That terrified me! Navneet had a blast of a time laughing at my innocence!!

After going deeper and deeper inside the area, We went inside a building where i came very close (physically) to the sex workers (as close as possible without having sex). We even peeked inside some rooms where the girls were doing makeup and getting ready for the customers that would be arriving in a few hours. We had gone there around 8 pm, so there wasn’t much to see. Navneet told me that the best hour to come is around midnight but i had seen enough!! We also went near a certain street numbered ‘6’ that was notoriously famous for the chakkas that dwell there. If you enter there, three-four chakkas would come adn pull u inside a room and …. i was kinda terrified as navneet narrated some horror stories about the incidents faced by his friends. gosh! what a liar he is!!

finally we came out of the area, and boy, was I elated of finally seeing a red light area!!

well, I am really frustrated right now…its about so many things now. The primary reason being that i have not been able to tour pune as much as I would liked to. Though i have been lucky to the extent that i have
been able to make friends coz of which i never had to go alone anywhere; but that luck has run out i guess. Yesterday, being sunday, i wanted to visit khandala/lonaavala. saurabh(the pulsar guy) agreed and
that we would go there in the morning. But then he didn’t feel like going there in the morning and that really pissed me off as I have just a week left before i go back to N-India. SO i have to go to khandala. Maybe on the last weekend – yes, definitely, even if i have to go alone and that too on a bus.okay, then the biggest question dangling is when to leave for N-India.
4th july or 7th july?? i present the cons and prons of both dates:- i have the ticket for 7th…AC 3rd class…i get more time here in NCL, maybe i would be able to learn some more new stuff- no ticket for 4th july…would have to buy a tatkal on 29th june by standing in a queue at 8 in the morning (how to reach the station – no clue right now!!!!); – i would buy a sleeper class ticket for 4th july – a couple of hundred rupees cheaper than the AC 3rd class ticket i have right now; no problems of lodging…would be able to stay in sheetal place itself at no extra cost…staying till 7th would be a problem as far as lodging is concerned – the biggest concern…i m not going further anywhere right now in my training so a waste of time to stay till 7th…i get to spend more time at home – a heaven as compared to pune…specially after the travelling bug bit me… i need to enjoy life.hopefully the decision i take would be the best one!!!! wish me luck!!!

well my first month (to be exact…four weeks) in pune came to a nice end. Though it was the most tiring day by far since i reached pune, it was exciting. Well, Saurabh and I had planned to roam around pune…at first we were planning to go to khandala and lonaavla, but then considering that it was pretty far off, we decided to go to Singhad Fort though we didn’t know where the hell it was. SO we had planned to start around 10 am, but well, both of us being kumbhkarans’, we woke up around 11:30 (yeah!!) and could only start off at around 1:15 pm in the blazing sun. ok whatever!! after asking numerous persons the way ot the fort we kept on going and going and going! after around 25 kms, we reached khadagwasla dam…there was a big lake and there was huge number of people basking in the sun. the sides of the lake looked like an ocean beach! there were a number of couples sitting too! anyways, we stayed there for around 15 minutes and resumed our journey ! Then there was a steep uphill and that too the road was real bad…anyways, we finally reached the top of the hill where the fort was located. The view was awesome. After parking the bike, we started walking the long arduous path to the top of the fort. The path being very rough tired us very soon. However, the view from the top was awesome. We could almost see the whole of Pune from there. After roaming around for around 2 hours we were damn tired. Had a cup of tea and trekked back to the parking.
In the evening, I had planned to have dinner with asha…but after the long tiring journey I was very reluctant. But to keep my word, I called her up and fixed the time and place. First she pissed me off becoz she had planned to do some shopping and well, I just hate shopping. Anyhow, some luck was on my side as it started to rain quite heavily, and we had to take shelter in some shop. Though I had to listen to her incessant chatter, I was saved from the near impossible task of walking down numerous streets for shopping. She bought goggles and a book I chose for her (actually, I had mentioned the name of the book just to tease her and when she actually bought that book, I was shocked).
Well by then the rain had reduced to a drizzle and we decided to have dinner.After having dinner at Roopali (great food), and before that we had some pastries at a famous bakery shop; Asha decided that she had taken an overdose of calories for that day, so had to walk her way back to the hostel. After having dinner, my energy tank had been refilled, so I gave into her demand (i had no choice!!).so after half an hour of walking, she decided that she was tired so we started looking for an autorickshaw.
Finally we got one, and after dropping her on the way, I reached sheetal palace at around 11:30 pm.SO ended the first four weeks of my stay in pune…very tiring but at the same time, very very interesting!!!!

one month in pune!!!

okay, so today is 17th june…almost a month since I reached pune…seems hell lot more than a month though. Well I have learned huge lessons from this trip (i just hope the new things I have learned are worth every penny that i have spent here in this town). The only thing that I regret as of now is that I have not been able to visit any place near pune specially khandala and lonaavla…hope I visit it in the coming week…(keeping my fingers crossed).also, i have learned what loneliness means. Though I have been very lucky to have found a number of good friends over here – Navneet, Saurabh, Srikant in the hostel and Prishit, Asha, Abhinav etc.. at NCL. As a result, I have not been bored on any day…be it going out for movies, or just on a ride, going out for a treat by Sir; chatting non-stop, laughing together when sir is not in the room; quietly checking email when the prof’s eyes are not prying in ur direction; reading an e-novel and taking out tens of printouts for personal use, are some of the things that I would remember forever. Be it waking up at midnight to go for a long walk and having paan (paan is really bad in pune), inhaling the cigarrete smoke puked out by navneet all the time, hearing his nonstop stories etc. etc…well my prof. just called me, so i gotta go!


Yahooooooooo!!! My program is working!!! Though I had solved the question atleast a week back, I thought that the solution could not be so simple so was trying out a complicated procedure…anyhow everything is fine now, the program is working for any data set, and now I just have to sit and make it a cool program – kinda professional so that anyone can use it.
I am feeling quite buoyed at present…looking forward to working on new stuff.

Let there be Light!!!!

this is kinda pissing me off really bad…i had thought that my work was over last friday (somthing that i had been working on for the last two weeks) and then i realized that the program is not actually doing what it was supposed to do and was in fact creating the dyadic samples only. anyhow today is thursday and for the last five days, i have been trying out different things to solve the problem but nothing is working…i am really frustrated…at present nothing in my trip is working fine…i planned to roam around a little but nothing…i m stuck up in this AC room at NCL, doing something that is not yielding anyyyyyyyything…how i wish i was back in shimla with my old friends or even in iit…that would have been so much better i guess…anyways i still have a couple more weeks here and i aim to make the best use of it…but for a first i need to get this program to function as I want it to; till then i won’t be able to do anyhting further here.
Apart from all the frustration sitting heavily on my head, i am doing lots of reading these days…just finished ‘angels & demons’— damn cool book, hard to put off…almost starting comparing it with da vinci code, however one of my friends here fucked it alll up by telling me the end. Though he wasn’t very specific, i guessed what he meant to say …still, i wasn’t able to leave the book anytime says volumes about the story. so besides finishing off reading all of what dan brown has written, i am reading lord of the rings – a true masterpiece…i had finished the first part soon after reaching pune and now i have started the second part – the two towers…man, this is indeed a classic. i hve also finished ‘eragon’ a great story by a teenager ‘christopher paolini’. i am so upset that i didn’t bring along the second book ‘the eldest’ along with me to pune…i guess eldest would hve to wait until i reach back iit.
i have got the e-book ‘fountainhead’ with me but i don’t feel like reading it. Though i have heard from many many a people that it is awesome but stories about improving one’s life – spiritual ideas etc… don’t excite me at all. I once started reading ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’, a bestseller, and tried really really hard (believe me!) to finish it but just couldn’t do it somehow…i couldn’t go further than the first half of the book and that too, when i almost dragged myself to that mark. I also wanted to read ‘The Alchemist’ really bad once upon a time…but when i saw that it too dealt with similar theme, i never read it.
jeez, i m getting really frustrated at my program…help me god!! Let there be light!! Show me the way!!!