the first week in pune!!

okay, so this is the second week of my stay here at pune. Pune…okay
so let me write a little about the city before i ramble on to tell how
my first week went.Again, before I comment, let me clarify that I am staying in the outskirts of the city and not in the so-called posh areas of the city. So in all probability, whatever I state cannot be generalised for the whole of pune. The most horrible part is the transportation system.
Firstly the roads are so crowded, just two lanes everywhere; and then the awkward public transportation system. The bus frequency is horrible, with one having to wait for atleast fifteen minutes to catch a bus to any part of the town. And if you live in some outskirts, the problem just worsens. Okay, there is the auto-rickshaw system but for a stranger to the town, there is no way you can bank on them. I was scared to hell when I realised that I would have to pay 50 bucks each day just to travel to and fro from NCL. But on the second day, when I was coming back, the rickshaw waala told me of a shortcut from NCL to my place of stay that is now saving me 50 bucks everyday. cool na!!
thanks to that rickshaw waala.Anywayz, the people here in general seem good. Always having a helping attitude that is kinda diminishing in Delhi. The problem crops up when the person you are talking to can speak only Marathi, especially if he is a conductor. In such situations I just cross my fingers and hope to reach at my desired destination, and thankfully, till now though i have not travelled much, i have reached wherever i aimed to reach.My roommate, navneet, is a nice guy. Though he is living in a kind of self-imposed rehabilitation so as to stay from bad company and steer himself away from cigarretes, daaru and charas etc., though he still smokes in the room (gets kinda irritating sometimes). But overall, he is nice. He loves talking of his hard experiences here in Pune, and how from being a goody goody kid like me when he reached Pune, had
transformed into kinda of a badmaash (not in a derogatory sense though). Though there is not much time for us to chat, as I reach back to the room at around 7 and then at 8 leave for dinner to be back at 9. I read for a couple of hours before I plunk myself into deep sleep (after mentally exhausting myself from 10 to 7). I wake up aroudn 9 and leave at quarter to ten , at which time he is always sleeping. So, its only the time when I am reading after dinner that we can talk. The first weekend went kinda nice as I met my old school friends, Vikas Thakur (doing marine engineering at Tolani institute) and Ajay Chauhan (doing MBBS at AFMC). Both are doing really good and all three of us had a great time recollecting our memories of the golden days spent at school. The dramatic changes in vikas, the terrible times when our mischiefs were caught red-handed, and this all was specially as four of us (the three + varun chauhan), were partners in the 10th grade. Soon after reaching the MG road, where we were supposed to meet, rain started to pour heavily. I scantered for some shelter but vikas wanted to stop and eat only at Burger King, even though no one knew where it was. After half an hour of going back and forth asking people abt its location, we reached Burger King, but not before we were completely drenched. Then we just went to the MG Road( it is closed for vehicular traffic in the evenings), thus it was kinda a Mall for us brought straight from shimla. We took a couple of rounds – it was great.Also, in the morning before going to MG road (this is all on saturday), me , Preshit and Asha had planned to watch ‘da vinci code’ at East sqaure. I kinda made it though I was late. preshit was waiting for us but asha didn’t even show up. she had ditched us .. she gonna pay for it. with nothing better to do, we just went back to our places.Sunday was nothing special. I went to NCL for a cuople of hours. There was only Sir so it was a nice brainstorming session.And so ended my first week here at Pune.


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