the second week…in pune

well the previous post had been written a while ago but got the time to post it very late. anyhow, today is friday and the last working day. i took the morning off today to watch ‘da vinci code’ for 50 bucks (morning shows are always cheap naa), pretty cool for 50 bucks but not worth more than that. Audrey Tautou ( of Amelie fame) was gorgeous indeed. but it has inspired me to again read the book. it has been almost two years since I read the book, so certain things i had forgotten. it would now i guess be more interesting to go through the book. well apart from that, there are numerous problems wringing my head these days. okay, the first one is the residential problem – that sheetal palace guy is a son of a bitch. the room where i m presently staying was rented by someone else before me and he has just gone for a holiday. so that son of a bitch is making double money. also, he says that when that guy comes back, i would be shifted somewhere i don’t know. i m going to really shout back at him someday but the only thing that stops me is that i m here only for a month, so let it be. but shit man, i m paying for the room and not just living free. sir is not doing anything regarding the hostel room. hope he does something soon. i will talk to him today agaaaaain.regarding going back home, i think the best thing would be to go back on 30th or 1st itself, instead of creating more troubles. it would save a lot of money.the last problem is of training. in the last few days i have seen huge ups and downs. from having a great day on tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday (still 3 hrs to go) have been most unproductive. my head feels so heavy and feels so confused. tuesday was kinda the best day becoz the paper i m presently studying seemed so tough and i thought that it would take me atleast a week to get the gist of it. and then in a few flashes, i cracked it within an hour. i felt great. And then, I had a brain-storming session with the prof that yielded positive results. i was really happy that day. the next day i even solved the only glitch i was facing the last day. but then, everything else that seemed easy on tuesday came crashing late on wednesday. early thursday, i had another chat with sir in order to clear some of my doubts but that just created huge confusions in my mind. all the things kinda just mixed up and i ended up in a state of utter confusion. i needed a break. preshit and i decided on watching da vinci early next morning. we told sir and he agreed without saying anyting – the first surprise. then next day we were late – we had told sir that we would be back by 12 but reached at quarter to 1. as there is the lunch break from 1 to 2, we thought it better to just show our faces at 2 itself. but after the movie i m having one of those big headaches of mine when the whole head seems heavy and all the knowledge seems to have mixed up itself in a web that cannot be undone. i just had tea a couple of minutes back and now i feel much better. head seems to have cleared up a little though not completely. well thats all till now,and by teh way, may be on sunday i would be going to lonavla and khandala with asha and her kgp friends. hopefully we will have a great time that is if i go.and also i m thinking of a good day tomorrow, may be go out with some friends…i feel like watching another movie but money my dear friend is a problem!!!!hope the training is worth everything i m sacrificing.


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