third week in pune!!

the third week begins…well it is kinda hard to imagine that two weeks have already passed. it seems a hell lot of time now; considering the fact that one-third of my stay here is over.
okay so first things accomodation problem seems to be solved now…though after a bit of drama…first on friday i was shifted to a 1800/- room even though i am paying 1300/-, so i felt great initially that i would be staying in a better room, even if that is for a few days only…so that nepali (the sheetal palace guy) takes me to a separate building (wow! a different building altogether). we go up to the third floor (okay, for a good room I can walk up till there)…we enter the room…the door opens and we step in…lights are switched on and boom!!!

sorry, by ‘boom’ i didn’t mean any explosion or something; but the surprise that awaited us…it was a tiny room (smaller than the 1300/- one) and two beds had been cramped into the room with almost negligible walking area…the toilet was indian while it was english in the 1300/- one…so i started a small conversation with the nepali —

me: ye sahi room hai kya?
nepali: arre haaaaan bhai…aapne yahin par sone kaa, yahin par rehne kaa
(i was shocked – i would never pay 1800/- for this tiny room)

me: is room ka bhaada (rent!) 1800/- hai??

nepali: haaaaan bhaiya

me: yeh toh uss room se bhi chota hai?

nepali: aapko kya karne kaa? aap aaram se yahan par raho aur jab vahan us building mein room khaali ho jayega, aapko vapas bula lenge

(my previous roomie, navneet, had come along to see the room for himself; and during this conversation he was checking out the room (thinks himself of a detective i guess 🙂 )…the windows, the bathroom (expert in this dept), the cupboard, the switches, etc…) I was still in shock so i again pursued my ques.

me: lekin phir bhi sir (my lingo that works on anyone!), kuch to khaas baat hogi is room ki jo iska rent itna zyaada hai
finally nepali relented.

nepali: arre bhaiya, har tarah ke log hote hainnnn…kuch logon ko bas issi mein khushi hoti hai ki woh 1800/- waale room mein reh rahe hain
i was not completely satisfied but i thought that pursuing the ques further would be meaningless.
me: haan shayad.

nepali: theeeek hainnn, aapne yahin par rehne kaa ; bas 2-3 din ki baat hai

—with this he went out.

navneet: room to badia hai
me: kyun bhai? kya khaas baat lagi tujhe iss room ki?
navneet: arre dekh naa? yahaan to balcony bhi hai aur kya mast hawa bhi chal rahi hai.
me: arre sahi
(following him to the balcony)
navneet: yahaan par, chair laane ka aur mast raat bhar sutta maarne ka.
me: hawa to sahi mein mast chal rahi hai…bas chair nahin hai…
(walking back into the room looking for a chair)
navneet (still in his inquisitive mood, opens the windows): arre yahaan ka view kya fun-taastic hai…aur hawa bhi mast hai
me (walking towards him): arre sahi, yahaan se bhi mast hawa chal rahi hai
navneet: apun ko to yeh room pasand aa gaya…apne dost log ko bulaane kaa aur mast daaru party karne kaa
me: sahi bola (i knew he wouldn’t do that…and anywayz i was here only for a couple of days)
navneet: yaar lekin yahaan par koi aur bhi rehta hai
me: kya matlab? baaki room bhi to hai?
navneet: arre sab khaali hai re?
(walks out of the room into the corridor)
ALL the rooms are bolted but none has a lock…just like my room was before nepali had opened it. navneet opened the first room…completely empty…my heart sank.
we checked all the other rooms in the whole floor and all were empty except one (that was locked)…what the hell ( i thought). In the other building all the rooms are full to the max, and here all rooms are empty. i shared my thought with navneet and he smiled.
navneet: arre tujhe bataya tha na? is building mein chakkar hai?
me: kya matlab? mujhe nahin pata
navneet: yahaan par dhandha hota hai? video picture banti hai? kya samjha?
me: mujhe kya karna hai yaar?
navneet: tujhe akela room mein dar to nahin lagega naa? poori floor khaali hai?
my heart sank for the second time but this time, i thought he was right. i didn’t say anything.
navneet: chal upar dekhte hain?
i looked where he was pointing. it was completely dark.
me: arre chodd naa? kya karega?
navneet: chal naa (and starting climbing the stairs)
i followed him with the (i am not scared!) attitude.
the whole floor was dark. we checked the rooms, they were also completely empty. there was another flight of stairs. navneet started climbing it.
me: aur upar jaana hai kya? chodd naa.. upar bhi yahi hoga.
navneet: chal naa…dar lag raha hai kya?
I followed him. this flight of stairs led us to a dead end so we climbed down to the third floor(the one where my new room was!)
me: chal, second floor bhi check kar lete hain!!
without saying anything, he followed me downstairs.
here there was a small bulb so not completely dark. here too, all the doors were bolted like in the previous floors. we opened the first room and to our surprise, it was completely furnished.
me: shayad koi rehta hai yahaan par…
navneet: nahin…tujhe bataya tha dhandhe ke baare mein…yahinch hota hai
the bed was covered with a nice looking chaader, with pillows. there were curtains on the windows and the bathroom too was great. tere were buckets, mugs, even had a geyser and a mirror.
me: yaar, ye mug utha leta hoon, upar room mein kaam aa jayega. ( i said this as a joke, just to say something)
navneet: haan naa, utha le (and he picket it up for me)
I was surprised but a smile crossed my face. taking it from him, i checked the corridor (no one!!) , and i ran back up to my room and kept it in the bathroom. then we walked back to navneet’s room…listened to a few songs…then navneet said that he liked the freshness of my new room so we picked up the walkman and walked back to my room.there i switched on the walkman on full volume. we stood in the balcony and chatted for a couple of hours. he smoked a couple of cigarettes and i was most of the time trying to avoid inhaling the smoke he billowed out…as we were standing all the time, i got tired at around 2 and i said we should go inside. he took the hint and said he should go back to his own room now. he didnot take the walkman and said i could listen to it as i was alone. he went and i slept i guess for the first time in a building that was completely empty except for yours truly. since it was friday night, and next day i had to go to ncl only around 2, i slept like i had sold horses. i slept till 12 only when there was a loud knock on my door. i slipped out of the bed and just for once, all those horror stories that navneet had narrated to me last night ran through my mind. shutting my mind, i jusst opened the door. nepali khada tha saala.
i squinted.
nepali: aapke liye room khaali ho gaya hai…room no. 23…aap vahaan shift ho jayiye.
me: theek hai. room no. 23 naa?
nepali: haan

i got ready and shifted to the new room (the third room in as many weeks in pune). i met my new roommate: srikant priyadarshi ( i m not so sure abt the spellings). he just completed his and would be starting his days he is working in wipro call centre…pretty cool guy but i think he is one of those ones who are kinda stupid but try to act cool…anyhow, we questioned each other a little before i left for lunch and then training.
Apart from this little drama, there was nothing exciting at all. sunday came and went. i slept most of the time and yeah, i read da vinci code and finished it last night. felt nice to read it again and noticed that the movie actually digressed a little from the book.
on sunday night, as dilli chaat (place where i hve my dinner) was closed, navneet said that lets have chowmein. i said ok. so we walked and walked and walked and walked and still walked and walked…it was a long way off from our rooms…on the way we stopped at a mall, where navneet’s friend worked…he met him and continued walking. finally when we reached, i was shocked. it was a redi (a road-side stall)…with some stools and all the people there were drinking (yeah, daaru!) and smoking…i closed my nose and checked the menu (yeah, they had a menu and wait till u hear the prices)…the minimum was rs.35/- for a chowmein…can u imagine that? 35 bucks for chowmein at a road-side stall…so we just walked back (yeah, without eating) and finally went to a restaurant near to our rooms where we had chola bhatura for 30 bucks …though i was shocked when i asked for some extra pyaaz and they refused saying that it cost 5 more bucks…fuck them!! thats how the day ended!
the food thing is solved…i would be eating lunch in cafeteria only instead of the tiffin tihng i was thinking abt earlier (cost just half in cafeteria yaar!!!). dinner at dilli chaat ghar (30 bucks)…
now the training is in a bit of problem these days…i am kinda stranded i guess. i haven’t done anything productive for the last 3-4 dyas and i am getting kinda pissed off. well asha is really pissed off these days…i shouldn’t hve told her that sir was worried abt her…now she just studies and studies..hope this is momentary.
well i hope the training gets an up now…i gotta go for lunch!!!


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