a break!!!!

well, internet has become a lot more restricted these days in NCL… one can access net only when one has a ncl email address, which we people don’t have…so the only time i can access net is when the prof. allows us to have a break and check our email and this break is one of those…well, it doesn’t matter that much as i am reading ‘angels and demons’ e-novel these days on the comp that doesn’t require a net :-)…i even take printouts of some pages so that i can continue reading back at my room…well i guess that’s it for now…prof. just squinted at me, guess, waiting for me to stop the net and start doing some work…well but this time i got him to save his password so that atleast those times when he is not in the room i can check my email…thank god…it was getting kinda suffocating for the last couple of days…bye for now


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