Let there be Light!!!!

this is kinda pissing me off really bad…i had thought that my work was over last friday (somthing that i had been working on for the last two weeks) and then i realized that the program is not actually doing what it was supposed to do and was in fact creating the dyadic samples only. anyhow today is thursday and for the last five days, i have been trying out different things to solve the problem but nothing is working…i am really frustrated…at present nothing in my trip is working fine…i planned to roam around a little but nothing…i m stuck up in this AC room at NCL, doing something that is not yielding anyyyyyyyything…how i wish i was back in shimla with my old friends or even in iit…that would have been so much better i guess…anyways i still have a couple more weeks here and i aim to make the best use of it…but for a first i need to get this program to function as I want it to; till then i won’t be able to do anyhting further here.
Apart from all the frustration sitting heavily on my head, i am doing lots of reading these days…just finished ‘angels & demons’— damn cool book, hard to put off…almost starting comparing it with da vinci code, however one of my friends here fucked it alll up by telling me the end. Though he wasn’t very specific, i guessed what he meant to say …still, i wasn’t able to leave the book anytime says volumes about the story. so besides finishing off reading all of what dan brown has written, i am reading lord of the rings – a true masterpiece…i had finished the first part soon after reaching pune and now i have started the second part – the two towers…man, this is indeed a classic. i hve also finished ‘eragon’ a great story by a teenager ‘christopher paolini’. i am so upset that i didn’t bring along the second book ‘the eldest’ along with me to pune…i guess eldest would hve to wait until i reach back iit.
i have got the e-book ‘fountainhead’ with me but i don’t feel like reading it. Though i have heard from many many a people that it is awesome but stories about improving one’s life – spiritual ideas etc… don’t excite me at all. I once started reading ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’, a bestseller, and tried really really hard (believe me!) to finish it but just couldn’t do it somehow…i couldn’t go further than the first half of the book and that too, when i almost dragged myself to that mark. I also wanted to read ‘The Alchemist’ really bad once upon a time…but when i saw that it too dealt with similar theme, i never read it.
jeez, i m getting really frustrated at my program…help me god!! Let there be light!! Show me the way!!!


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