one month in pune!!!

okay, so today is 17th june…almost a month since I reached pune…seems hell lot more than a month though. Well I have learned huge lessons from this trip (i just hope the new things I have learned are worth every penny that i have spent here in this town). The only thing that I regret as of now is that I have not been able to visit any place near pune specially khandala and lonaavla…hope I visit it in the coming week…(keeping my fingers crossed).also, i have learned what loneliness means. Though I have been very lucky to have found a number of good friends over here – Navneet, Saurabh, Srikant in the hostel and Prishit, Asha, Abhinav etc.. at NCL. As a result, I have not been bored on any day…be it going out for movies, or just on a ride, going out for a treat by Sir; chatting non-stop, laughing together when sir is not in the room; quietly checking email when the prof’s eyes are not prying in ur direction; reading an e-novel and taking out tens of printouts for personal use, are some of the things that I would remember forever. Be it waking up at midnight to go for a long walk and having paan (paan is really bad in pune), inhaling the cigarrete smoke puked out by navneet all the time, hearing his nonstop stories etc. etc…well my prof. just called me, so i gotta go!


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