well my first month (to be exact…four weeks) in pune came to a nice end. Though it was the most tiring day by far since i reached pune, it was exciting. Well, Saurabh and I had planned to roam around pune…at first we were planning to go to khandala and lonaavla, but then considering that it was pretty far off, we decided to go to Singhad Fort though we didn’t know where the hell it was. SO we had planned to start around 10 am, but well, both of us being kumbhkarans’, we woke up around 11:30 (yeah!!) and could only start off at around 1:15 pm in the blazing sun. ok whatever!! after asking numerous persons the way ot the fort we kept on going and going and going! after around 25 kms, we reached khadagwasla dam…there was a big lake and there was huge number of people basking in the sun. the sides of the lake looked like an ocean beach! there were a number of couples sitting too! anyways, we stayed there for around 15 minutes and resumed our journey ! Then there was a steep uphill and that too the road was real bad…anyways, we finally reached the top of the hill where the fort was located. The view was awesome. After parking the bike, we started walking the long arduous path to the top of the fort. The path being very rough tired us very soon. However, the view from the top was awesome. We could almost see the whole of Pune from there. After roaming around for around 2 hours we were damn tired. Had a cup of tea and trekked back to the parking.
In the evening, I had planned to have dinner with asha…but after the long tiring journey I was very reluctant. But to keep my word, I called her up and fixed the time and place. First she pissed me off becoz she had planned to do some shopping and well, I just hate shopping. Anyhow, some luck was on my side as it started to rain quite heavily, and we had to take shelter in some shop. Though I had to listen to her incessant chatter, I was saved from the near impossible task of walking down numerous streets for shopping. She bought goggles and a book I chose for her (actually, I had mentioned the name of the book just to tease her and when she actually bought that book, I was shocked).
Well by then the rain had reduced to a drizzle and we decided to have dinner.After having dinner at Roopali (great food), and before that we had some pastries at a famous bakery shop; Asha decided that she had taken an overdose of calories for that day, so had to walk her way back to the hostel. After having dinner, my energy tank had been refilled, so I gave into her demand (i had no choice!!).so after half an hour of walking, she decided that she was tired so we started looking for an autorickshaw.
Finally we got one, and after dropping her on the way, I reached sheetal palace at around 11:30 pm.SO ended the first four weeks of my stay in pune…very tiring but at the same time, very very interesting!!!!


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