well, I am really frustrated right now…its about so many things now. The primary reason being that i have not been able to tour pune as much as I would liked to. Though i have been lucky to the extent that i have
been able to make friends coz of which i never had to go alone anywhere; but that luck has run out i guess. Yesterday, being sunday, i wanted to visit khandala/lonaavala. saurabh(the pulsar guy) agreed and
that we would go there in the morning. But then he didn’t feel like going there in the morning and that really pissed me off as I have just a week left before i go back to N-India. SO i have to go to khandala. Maybe on the last weekend – yes, definitely, even if i have to go alone and that too on a bus.okay, then the biggest question dangling is when to leave for N-India.
4th july or 7th july?? i present the cons and prons of both dates:- i have the ticket for 7th…AC 3rd class…i get more time here in NCL, maybe i would be able to learn some more new stuff- no ticket for 4th july…would have to buy a tatkal on 29th june by standing in a queue at 8 in the morning (how to reach the station – no clue right now!!!!); – i would buy a sleeper class ticket for 4th july – a couple of hundred rupees cheaper than the AC 3rd class ticket i have right now; no problems of lodging…would be able to stay in sheetal place itself at no extra cost…staying till 7th would be a problem as far as lodging is concerned – the biggest concern…i m not going further anywhere right now in my training so a waste of time to stay till 7th…i get to spend more time at home – a heaven as compared to pune…specially after the travelling bug bit me… i need to enjoy life.hopefully the decision i take would be the best one!!!! wish me luck!!!


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