visit to bhudwar peth!!!

Well, yesterday was the last day for me and navneet to hang out together…he is leaving for his hometown today and when he comes back after 10 days, I would have already left for my hometown, and hence it would probably be the last time we would be seeing each other. It was great to have him as a friend in a place when I knew no one on reaching pune. It is kinda interesting to note the great bonding of humans irrespective of their backgrounds, cultures etc. Now i am starting to get the feel that I won’t be really elated to go back home after settling myself nicely here in pune specially with that NSO problem lingering back in delhi.

Coming back to our last hangout, we went to Laxmi road where the various ‘peths’ (peth stands for ‘locality’ in Marathi) are situated. We had particularly planned ot visit Bhudwar peth. Even though navneet wasn’t particularly interested as he had been there a couple of times before, i desperately wanted to go there. wait, don’t start labelling me as a desperate, frustrated male; my desire to visit bhudwar peth was just to see a red light area. i had heard about it infinite times and even seen it in the movies numerous times, but to have a first hand experience is an altogether different experience. As soon as we entered the area, navneet started guiding me into the various gullies and narrating numerous stories of how he and his haraami friends would roam on these streets at late hours and have a great time (though even he knew that i wasn’t buying his fiction). the first horrific incident was when a lady who was standing near a corner, suddenly started walking and brushed her boobs across my arms just as we crossed her. That terrified me! Navneet had a blast of a time laughing at my innocence!!

After going deeper and deeper inside the area, We went inside a building where i came very close (physically) to the sex workers (as close as possible without having sex). We even peeked inside some rooms where the girls were doing makeup and getting ready for the customers that would be arriving in a few hours. We had gone there around 8 pm, so there wasn’t much to see. Navneet told me that the best hour to come is around midnight but i had seen enough!! We also went near a certain street numbered ‘6’ that was notoriously famous for the chakkas that dwell there. If you enter there, three-four chakkas would come adn pull u inside a room and …. i was kinda terrified as navneet narrated some horror stories about the incidents faced by his friends. gosh! what a liar he is!!

finally we came out of the area, and boy, was I elated of finally seeing a red light area!!


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