last evening!!

Today it was the last full day of work here at NCL. Tomorrow I leave Pune after spending a good seven weeks. I would be reaching Ambala at around 1:30 in the night (saturday) and just hope to catch the final moments of the third place match between Germany and Portugal. However, I am kinda sure that the train would be late and I would have to do with only watching the finals the next night. That would be my first match. Though Germany won’t be playing, still finals is finals yaar!
Anyhow, today in the evening, there was a kinda small farewell party – there was Preshit, Asha, me, Sir, his wife and his kid, Akhil. We went to a restaurant at FC road (the hippest place in town) and had a nice time. First we were coaxing sir to take us for a movie. I butted in with some senti that tomorrow I am leaving and tonight is the last time for all of us to be together. Well the movie wasn’t to be and we finally decided on a small outing. Anyhow, we had great time. After eating at Wadeshwar (the name of that restaurant), we stayed in FC road only that is Preshit, Asha and me. I had to buy some foodies to take back home and it was the best place to do so. We went to some famous restaurant (i don’t remember the name anymore) and bought loads of stuff!!! Hope mom and dad are happy!! Since it was my last evening in Pune, I wanted to roam around and have a blast but it was not to be. Preshit was in a hurry and I had to go back with him becoz of some stupid reason. But I had to!! Also, Asha was planning to visit one of her friends (who was ill)somewhere so I couldn’t go out with her. I tried to coax both of them to go for a movie but ahh! it was not to be. We came back and after collecting the stuff from the lab, we rode towards Baner!! I got off at sheetal palace to say the final goodbye to sourabh. I took the LOTR book II from him and we went for dinner. After chatting for sometime, we went to have icecream and said the final goodbye. And when I started walking back towards NCl, I realised for the first time that I am leaving Pune and might never see any of the numerous friends I made here. senti naa? anyhow, now I am back in my favorite haunt these days – the lab, the place where I stay for around 15 hours each day!
No, seriously, I am having this feeling for the first time in life. I have said goodbye to many people but everytime I knew that sooner or later we would definitely meet – whether that would be a month, a year, 5-6 years but there would be some day. But this time its different. On coming to Pune, I knew no one, and now, on the verge of going back, it seems difficult to imagine that I had not even met some of them just around a month back. But I guess, such times would come more often in the times to come when my horizon widens and I start travelling alone more often. I seriously plan to stay in touch with all of them in the future and I hope that we really do so.
Chal, anywaz, tomorrow is the last day. I will come to the lab in the morning also and say final goodbye to Sir, Preshit and Asha; and stir back my life in the north! I just hope that this trip has made me a better human being.
The post on the Lonavala trip would have to wait for a while I think. Most probably the next post would be from Delhi.
Till then its yours truly signing off!


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