last weekend – part II

It was Saturday and the day when my long time desire of visiting lonavala/khandala was finally realising. I got up on time and was ready in record time. I was just about to go and reach NCL gate at the scheduled time when I thought it better to first call Piyush and tell him that I would be reaching there in around ten minutes. However, he told me that his friends were not yet ready. Since there is no incoming call facility on my cell at present, I had to call him almost every fifteen minutes from a PCO to know the programme. He would just tell me that his friends have not yet come and I was starting to believe that today also the trip would not be realised. However, finally, at 10:30 he called up on my roommate’s cell (I had given that number after I was tired of going down and calling him up from a PCO), and told me to reach the NCL gate as soon as possible. I took an autorickshaw and at 11 we finally set off for Lonavla/Khandala. It was an Army gypsy and Piyush and I sat right at the back. Though we were cramped in that little space, we had a great view (inspite of the huge downpouring and the fog enveloping the hills around us). We took the Mumbai-Pune expressway and we did not even have to pay the exhorbinant toll tax since it was an Army vehicle – cool na!! The expressway was cool – there were a couple of tunnels on the way – well lit and the whole experience was like travelling in some foreign land. In around half an hour, we reached Lonavala. After buying some foodies like chikki, chocolate fudge (awesome), namkeen etc. we started on our way towards the pushi dam (I hope I am spelling it right). But before touring that , we decided on first visiting the Tiger Point (or was it called the Lion point) – we had been arguing so much on the name before and after visiting that place that I now truly fail to recall its true name 😦
Before continuing, let me inform you of a couple of bullets.
– I was the only one visiting Lonavala for the first time.
– I was the only one who didn’t bring any extra clothes with him – one was sure to be drenched in lonavala – this was taken to be granted
– It had been raining cats and dogs since early morning and if it is raining in Pune, one takes it for granted that it would be raining very very heavily in lonavala.

So, we reach the Lion Point (oops…Lion/Tiger Point for now – or I might even just rename it as the LT point). Anyhow, it was at the top of a high hill. It was just drizzling however the whole place was covered with dense fog. We couldn’t see far. We saw a couple of water falls, took some pictures and just as the rain got heavier, we ran back to the gypsy and made our way to the dam – the only place where we stayed till the evening. It was awesome and we had loads and loads of fun.

….to be continued
(Well, its 1:30 right now and I am kinda sleepy. Have to finish some last moment work here in the lab)


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