back in hell!!

well IIT at the moment is just hell for me…everything, and seriously, I do mean everything is going wrong for me these days and today, until now, has been one of the most horrible days ever. Be it being mocked at without any reason, my computer not getting fixed, and to top it all, I did not get registered in the fiction course I had been fighting hard since last week. Yesterday was RakhshaBandhan and I had gone to Mayur Vihar, where I had a good time. I seriously don’t know where the problem lies in – of course its me, but wherein lies the solution is the question. I usually call up home when I am so depressed but today, I guess after many months or it might even be a year, that I got mad at my mom for not understanding my problem. It was a bad chat and left a bad taste in my mouth; therefore instead of feeling calm and relaxed, I was boiling with frustration and anger. I diverted my mind by doing something stupid on gabru’s comp and finally I lay down in my room for around 10 minutes before coming to the UG section to see what went wrong in the registration thing. They have asked me to come at around 3, so till then, I am time passing at CSC, where I thought of finally posting something since coming back from Pune.
Well its been more than a month now since I came back and it surprises me that I haven’t posted a single thing since then. Well there hasn’t been anything really special to mention apart from the fact that before going back to delhi, we all went to Vaisno Devi temple, that is mom, dad, myself and latesh uncle’s family. We had a great time though I guess we spent a lotss of money on the way. Apart from that, I did practically nothing. Now also, its been almost two weeks since I have been in IIT , but nothing significant has happened except for the fact that my hard disk crashed when I was about to start my computer for the first time after coming from the break. I have given it for replacement but haven’t still got it. Fuck them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry for the bad word, but seriously, this is just the least I could write when I am boiling with rage at everything that is happening around me. To top it all, my orkut home page says that “”everything is going my way'”. Can you believe that????
Well its now over 3 and I gotta go and check on the UG section abt my registration thing. Wish me luck everyone, plzzzzzzzzz!!


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