few cheerful days before falling back into despair!

The title of this post clearly epitomises my present mood. Its not just about today or even the present moment, but something that is starting to become a part of my life. Or probably every man’s life. Well, the last week started off quite nicely with me getting my hard disk replaced (yeah, finally!!) and getting my computer back on its feet (and probably, my own life too).
The same day I went to Mayur Vihar to see Papa and Nitin Bhaiya who left for US the same night. In the night, I had a heart-to-heart talk with Nitin for maybe a couple of hours. I am really happy that we did so because we are not going to meet anytime soon. The atmosphere was pretty cool at home except my mom. She was pretty upset and since I am the only one in India now at present, it becomes my duty to take care of her. Wow, ankie, you hve grown up! Still I think she was a little too upset. I mean, okay, sorry! I guess thats how moms are and I ought not to comment on this. I love you mom and dad.
After leaving them at the airport, Tauji dropped me at IIT and they went to Mayur Vihar! Tuesday was again a cheerful day for me when I finally got myself registered in the Contemporary fiction course, yeah finally, after a long struggle of two weeks. The same day newspaper also started coming in my room, okay, don’t laugh guys, but it was just a positive sign that everything was starting to move forward in my life. Amen!
Wednesday and Thursday were again two good days – nothing specific but still things were fine.
Friday then was like hell! Firstly there was a surprise lecture quiz in Roy class and I did bad. But okay, I could cope with that. But then there was a shock awaiting me and Rohit. Well, Rohit was already having a really bad day with him missing the Roy quiz and also failing to submit the Biochem assignment. On top of that, when we are about to get the printout of the Lab for the evening, the power goes off right at the moment when he had put the CD in the drive. Guess what! We couldn’t even take out the CD. We said, fuck everyone and left to attend the Tarra tut, only to meet Ghungroo and Ajmera outside the class who told us that the tut had been canceled. We went back to the hostel and somehow got the CD out by connecting the comp to some other electric point. But then still we couldn’t get the printouts! We went all the way to Himadari to get those printouts. Then, the big shock! Pappi told us that the tut had not been canceled and on top of that, there had been a surprise quiz! Fuck everyone!
Then we arrive at the lab like 10 minutes late (not a big deal, believe me) and the lab assistant refuses us entry. Fuck him hard! Although we got entry, we kinda made a big mess of our experiment. Thats how a bad day ended!
Anyhow, right now, I need to study hard. The minors are comnig up and now less than a week is left and I still haven’t started magai! And I had promised to study this sem! What a fool I make of myself every time.
Well there is still loads of time ! Just concentrate hard and you can do good…believe in yourself. Happy magaiing!


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