Confused or just speaking my mind??

On going rapidly through my previous post, I was a little confused in the end. Sometimes I had written in second person and sometimes in first person. At certain points, I was just writing abstract statements and some where, I was as concrete as I could be. Does this mean whether I am speaking my mind or am I just confused and don’t know how to put my ideas into writing. I certainly hope its the former case.
Or probably its because its like 3:30 in the night and I am damn sleepy but just don’t feel like leaving the comfort of my computer. It is just so solacing and soothing to the tired nerves. Though right now, I am feeling drunk but the background music and browsing the net doesn’t allow me to turn them off and jump into the bed.
Love you mom and dad! You are the epitome of everything good that I can imagine. I miss you very much. Dad, hope you are enjoying your stay in the States. Awaiting your return.
Hopefully tomorrow will be another day. Good night!


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