A long hiatus!

Yes indeed! It has been long since I last published a post here. I had been fairly regular during 2006 but this year definitely hasn’t started on a positive note on the blogging front. On other spheres too, good luck certainly hasn’t really showered upon me. As always, there are a million things running through my mind and I still haven’t been able to reign over my brain. As a result, I am confused to the hilt (interestingly, the title of my last post)!

Before I start rambling my thoughts here, I just wanna update myself of my doings over the past almost three months. The winter break can easily be split up into two durations. The first half spent working for TnP…an altogether new and enlightening experience. The latter half spent with my cousins from US…again, a very interesting experience. Coming back from the vacation was a little uncomfortable in the beginning as one can understand through my last post. I soon got over it and again impressed upon my presence in TnP. With the number of companies coming on-campus diminishing and the number of students getting placed increasing with each passing day, the workload also started reducing significantly. With some fighter courses registered for this semester, I decided not to plunge into any other activity for the time being. However, this back-fired a little as it just threw me into a relaxed mode where I didn’t either study or work.

Soon the minors came and just after them, Anu Bhaiya came to India for a visit. Since my minors had just finished, I spent a couple of days with him and spoiled myself with masti. And then was the trip to home to celebrate Holi and how for the first time, I played dirty holi with some bad permanent colours.

Why am I writing all this? This isn’t supposed to be an e-diary during the semester itself. Maybe during the summers I can do such a thing but no point doing it now. Well I better throw myself into a deep slumber now if I intend to attend tomorrow’s lectures attentively 😛
My first minors really bombed, thus, I need to sincerely push myself and study hard to come back and play a decisive innings. Further, I hope the internship goes as planned and I am able to improve my persona over the summers. It is gonna be an important period for me, balancing both work and home since I am going to be away from home and yet at home. I need to stay from the bad influences that might affect me over there and yet I aim to really enjoy my time over the summers. Whatever the case, it definitely would be an interesting period. Watch this space during the summers for updates.

(This new blogger.com, I guess, is faster than the previous one; I would definitely blog more often now :P)
(Coming back and letting my fingers hammer the keys certainly feels good…how did I ever let myself to stop writing?)


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