Finally…another one!!!

And here comes another one, sitting on a sofa in New York on a Friday night. In front of me is the television playing the movie ‘Life in a Metro’. However, it is really wierd. My first post from USA and it just doesn’t feel really great right now. Though its not that I haven’t written at all since reaching NY, however haven’t posted it here. They have been more of a personal journal, such as posts on my first day of work, after a week; on days of frustration; days of real boredom; days when I have been busy (believe me, they have been rather too many).

Things just haven’t been going the way I had imagined them to be. Living in NY, so close to NYC; beach just around the corner; my cousins living so close-by; I would have rocked the States. However, things just haven’t turned out the way I wanted. It has been a rather slow and boring journey for the past six weeks. As just four weeks remain before I fly back to India, I ponder over the way things have been going for me.

At work, I have been rather busy; working for the full eight hours each day and on many a day, more than eight. Its not been easy at all and I am practically exhausted by the time the day draws to a close. Reaching home, I gotta satisfy the appetite of my little cousins to play with them for sometime (say atleast an hour); that leaves me so exhausted that I am ready to drop dead 🙂

Anyways, after dinner work; I just aim for the bed where I have this lovely laptop. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Muaahahhhh!!!

Thats how my weekdays go without a blink!!! The weekends are the days I am always looking forward to; however my internship is not like other students who have come all alone. I live with my Chacha and his family and there are huge limitations to what I can do while I am here. Specially with kids really small (6-7th grade), one just cannot have the experience of his lifetime (something I was aiming while flying over to US).

Though it goes without saying that there have been times I really enjoyed myself, however my dream is still adream.

I am really sleepy now. I gotta sleep. Hope to replenish this blog with more posts regularly.