Its almost time to go back!

Its been nearly two months now! Just a couple more weeks and I would be back in India! This post, I would like to narrate certain events that might be of some interest to me when I read them again. They aren’t anything special or anything but just some things that I would like to remember some day again. So here I go:

(1) There is something that the Americans hold against me when it comes to Burgers. Can you imagine that I haven’t had a “complete” burger since arriving here in US.

The first attempt was during the first/second week at work during lunch time, when I had not brought my lunch from home. I eagerly walked over to a Deli nearby (one I had my eyes on since the first day of my work). I ran my eyes through the menu looking for something veggie…the only thing that looked veg was ‘”cheese burger”. I ordered it. While it was being prepared, I had an intuition that it won’t be a veggie. I thought well if its chicken then its well and fine but shouldn’t be beef or pork.

Here comes the burger for almost five bucks and I hurriedly take some ketchup and grabbed a seat. I see some tikki inside and hoped sincerely for it to be a aloo tikki. However my heart sank as I sank my teeth into the burger. It certainly wasn’t aloo. Hmm…next hope…its chicken. As I bite for the second time and chew it, it didn’t taste good. Hmm…thats surprising. I like chicken. Aaarrgghhh! Its not chicken…must be beef or pork. I remove the tikki and just gobbled up the remaining part 😦

I throw away the tikki into the bin and walked back hurriedly to office, wishing that there were some leftovers from some high profile luncheon today. However it remained a wish only and I had to wait to reach back home before finding something to eat.

Now the interesting thing is that this was not the only time such a scenario happened. A couple of weeks after this incident I went to Burger King and asked for a veg burger. This time I was specific – “I am a vegetarian and want a veg burger only”. She said try “Angus” and I was more than happy to say yes to her. I grabbed coke and sat down excitedly as I was really hungry. However, the hunger soon vaporized when I sank my teeth into the burger. Again it was “beef” 😦

I promised to myself then and there that I won’t have a burger in US again (as if I had a choice).