Whatever happens, happens for good!

The law of averages or the saying ‘whatever happens , happens for good’ …would they hold true for me. If they do, well and good. However if they don’t, the other says that the goodness doesn’t reflect immediately and may be a blessing in disguise. Remember that story of the king whose finger had got cut off and then his minister on saying the same above line had been imprisoned. The king then got kidnapped in the jungle by certain tribals and were about to kill him as the sacrifice to their God when they realise the King is not the best sacrifice because of his cut finger and hence is left free – Moral of the story – Whatever happens , happens for good.

Now sometimes, when I am low and down, this story replays in my head and I take solace in the above moral. However, it hurts when instead of things becoming even, one is pushed further down the well – deeper into the darkness. Now, am I supposed to take solace in the fact that something even worse could have happened and I have been saved from extreme apathy. Should I continue to search for the silver lining in all these dark clouds hovering over me right now? Is this the time when whatever I do seems to be wrong in everyone’s eye? Are these the times when nothing would ever seem to fall in place? When one door closes, there is always another door that opens – I just need to stop wailing over my woes and start searching for that door – the golden gate that would lead me out of the mess surrounding me presently. The door that would yield the answers I have been looking for long – the answers to the dilemmas I am facing that I need to answer to face the world the way I want.

The way I want!! The choices that I want!! The way I want the things to be!!

Lumensquere!!!!!!!! Show me the light!


First day at work!!!

Journal Entry
Created: 05/18 04:18 PM
Modified: 05/18 04:56 PM
So the first day of work is almost over. Started off with many apprehensions, many expectations but with an open mind all the while; and its just been great. I had not really thought much about the place before; therefore I was all game for whatever I was gonna see. Most of the things have surprised me gladly; specially the attitude of the people here which has been fantastic till now. My “boss”, Neil Brown, though being really really tall, is an extremely pleasant person to work with. All the people are really helpful and always smiling.

The place where I am gonna work has four more people out of whom, three are Chinese. What surprised me was the warmth with which they three received me. They are really nice and hope to have a great time with them. The table I am gonna work for the next ten weeks is great…with my own computer, a telephone, cabinets etc.

I was taken on a quick tour of the whole facility by Neil and he introduced me to most of the people working here, the different labs and so on. Had lunch later on, after which I sat down with an HR pro to finish off some paperwork. Then finally I was introduced to the project I would be doing here – relating to gold plating for a customer. We are studying different processes and would finally choose the best one after studying the various responses. I would be working with Yuo, a nice chinese lady. Though it becomes really difficult to understand her at times because of her pronunciation, but I guess I would get used to her soon enough. There were times like when she was explaining a process through a presentation and I wouldn’t understand a thing. After she would finish, I would just quickly read the slide
again and tell her what I understood. And she would be like ‘Yesss, yesss’ 🙂

On the whole, it’s been a great first day. The only thing that sucks for now is that my computer is not yet hooked up to the internet. There is some problem with the port or the cable. The connections guy would be here on Monday, so nothing for now. Also, I would be introduced to a New Hire Orientation presentation on Monday and also to the safety aspects of working in a plant.

One more thing that sank my heart a little was that I would be TAXED. Yeah…the little money I make here is also gonna be taxed by the government here. So it kinda sucks but well…this is how it is and no one can do anything about it. Also, I have to gonna open a bank account here where I would getting direct deposits instead of the company sending my ‘valuable’ paychecks by mail at home.

Well nothing more actually happened worth mentioning. The work place is really cosy unlike the rainy chilly weather outside right now. I can get tea, coffee, or coke as much as I want. I gotta go now and see when Chacha would be ready to go back home. I better start driving here. It would be great fun.

Really excited to see how the next ten weeks are going to work for me.