what do i want in life?
where am i headed?
why do i waste so much time?
i love sleeping
i want to be fit
why is it so cold?
i wish to just lie in the bed the whole day
am i on the right path?
where should we go for dinner tonight?
there is loads of work to be done….Gate…minors…interview prep…just too much!
i need to buy a lock for my room.
i need to clean my room…its in one of the worst conditions ever
i need to get the window of my room fixed
i need to take a shower 😛
i need to study
i need to prepare for the up-coming interview
i am thinking of the coming summers
i have wasted the whole day today.
thats it!!
i better do something now!


Wierd times!

Well again it has been a long time since I last blogged. However, I am pleased to note that this post marks a half-century of posts here and I am mighty pleased. It has been an innings of a lot of determination, hard work, and even luck. Storing my thoughts along my college life, this blog would indeed be a nice read sometime down the memory lane.

These days I am mighty busy in the placement process presently underway. The last one and a half month have passed by in a blur with some huge effort put in during this time. Organizing and managing the logistics of the whole placement process has been a test of most importantly patience, then determination, and even sacrificing sleep. This would truly be the only thankless selfless work I have done here at IIT. Working in pressure-cooker situations and working almost round-the-clock to create an almost flawless and smooth process, that is easier for both the students as well as the companies coming on campus.

On top of all this hectic schedule came the blow of not getting MTP under my preferred professor. When I realised I won’t be able to work under my desired professor through the standard way, I took a risk – a huge dangerous risk considering what was at stake – 1 1/2 years of seeing that prof’s face each day in the morning. I preferred a teacher who does not know anything about chemical engineering and is just a systems programmer. Now he had not taken an MTP last year so there were good chances that he wouldn’t take this year also and I might just be allowed to choose my own supervisor. However the professor to make this decision stuck to his rules and I kept on meeting him and the HoD to push my case forward. Everything is still not clear but as of now, I won’t be doing the MTP under that systems programmer and very likely under the desired professor. Hopefully everything falls into place.

Now when this was all happening, India was also performing great in cricket with Sachin scoring his 38th Test century and India with a chance of winning the Test. I also got a day off from placement work with Sunday being a holiday and on Saturday night, after an awesome dinner with one of my good friends, I was on a high. Everything seemed cool and right and I had “Good times” as my status message. However, with India losing the test match today and with the placement work getting affected due to lack of workforce, I am feeling low. Tomorrow being Monday, a start to another week of studies, not helping in any way.

I better go to sleep now or else the TnP won’t open tomorrow (as I have the keys :P)