I was just about to start typing a sad post again detailing my busy schedule, no time for fun, relaxation, and I can, as always, go on and on. However, I just went through a few of my last posts, and my search for an optimistic, energy-filled, post remained unfulfilled. And thats when I realized that this sad attitude could be the source of my problems.

Of late, things haven’t been going as well I would have liked. Well that is an understatement as I have failed pathetically in taking the right decisions at the right time. I just keep pondering over certain things and day-dream much more than I should as it leaves me little time to ‘actually’ work. Some things have started to get on my nerves and I am getting really frustrated. There is so much to do and when I do get the time to do something, I just sit back and wait for some deadline to come to push me to work. Why don’t I ever work without a deadline? I guess that is a problem with everyone of us; however, with the bad start to this semester, I would really have to do the inevitable (of working without a deadline) to pull off a good SGPA this semester.

Anyways, let me now sit back and strategise. Make a list of the things I have to do this weekend and plan accordingly. There are a lot of assignments to be done, and not to forget fact that because of the GATE nightmare, I need to put in a lot more effort to prove my worth to my Project Advisor. Let’s hope I can pull it off.