UPA Victory : Nuclear Fallout

The most significant fallout from the UPA victory is probably the emergence of regional parties on the national political stage, especially the power wielded by Mayawati and the real possibility of her as the future prime minister of India.

Being a Atal Bihari Vajpayee loyalist, I am shocked at the levels to which BJP has presently stooped. Though ten years down the line or even today itself, the most significant achievement of the Vajpayee government having credible effect on the common man is the pace at which road reforms were started and the massive pouring of money from both government and private sector into the transportation sector.

One could probably argue the nuclear tests in 1998 to be of most significance, however, that was a promise made in the electoral manifesto of BJP and though I do give him credit for not falling back on his promise; but it was just a decision that was waiting to happen. PV Narasimha Rao was almost about to give the go-ahead and if not Vajpayee, then I guess any other PM at that time would have given the green signal. Plainly speaking, it was bound to happen.

So anyways, the likes of LK Advani and party, do not share an iota of the charisma and respect that I held for Vajpayee. Therefore, people like our PM Manmohan Singh and FM, P. Chidambaran stand tall among the present lot of senior politicians (One can now safely call Manmohan Singh as a politician after the way he led Congress to believe in him and securing a political victory). When NDA held power in the centre, I had respect for Yashwant Sinha and Jaswant Singh. However, with the recent articles in the media about them being the ones who were against the nuclear deal plainly on the basis of BJP being in the Opposition, that respect has diminished a great deal.

And it is this lack of any dynamic personality in the BJP ranks that makes me wish another term for the Congress. It would be an extremely uphill task for them – with all the hoopla surrounding them… cash-for-vote scandal and more importantly, the downslide of economy chiefly represented by the high inflation. The government needs to strongly enforce measures to reign in inflation and at the same time ensure that the business environment is not harmed in any way. With the Left off its back, there is a good chance of the government introducing financial reforms primarily in the sectors dealing with insurance and pension funds.

Secondly, it is interesting to note how it should have been the Left that should have fallen hardest on loosing the trust vote. However, its BJP that has disgraced itself the most and this is ironical. I really wished for Left to take a huge beating in the next elections so that there would never be a situation when the government falls prey to the whims and fancies of such a narrow-minded party. However much they stake their words on ideology and principles, but there is nothing more baffling than CPM joining hands with such corrupt politicians as Mayawati in order to take down the government.

A couple of days back, there was an interesting discussion on the nuclear deal among a few of my friends and one friend claimed that there were some negative points rightly pointed out by certain experts. Most importantly, if India conducts a nuclear test in the future, US and other countries would again impose the sanctions that are presently in place. Now first of all, India has declared a self-moratarium on further nuclear tests since our scientists don’t feel the need of doing so; now even if India does wish to conduct a test in the future, we need to remember that by that time, India would have become a prominent member of the nuclear club, engaged in import as well as export of nuclear fuel, equipment and technology. I say “export”, because I believe in the Indian companies and their capacity to import nuclear technology and equipment, study it, tweak it for better use and sell it back. It is not a far fetched idea and I would not want to be proved wrong. I believe that just like in early 1990s, when the economic reforms were started, there was a huge cry that the globalisation would lead to the demise of the Indian domestic companies as the foreign MNCs would gobble up our market. However, the reverse has clearly proved true with a number of Indian companies becoming MNCs in the true sense of the word; and proved their mettle in various industries. It goes to show the depth and strength of the Indians and their will to succeed against all odds.

Similarly, in the nuclear energy sector, we should not worry much about the future sanctions. Public sector companies like BHEL, ONGC would prove to be more than a match for the foreign nuclear forging companies; and even the private sector companies like L&T, Reliance Energy would definitely jump on the bandwagon and make India shine and lead India to the top ranks of global power!


14 thoughts on “UPA Victory : Nuclear Fallout”

  1. I so agree with most of what you said ๐Ÿ˜€Left claimed to be an ideological party, but with the recent politicking, voting with their self-proclaimed “enemy” “communal” BJP, infighting, and then removing the Speaker kinda destroys that image. And the goonda raj in WB where their union leaders often win elections for them by force, was always a reality not taken seriously enough.That said, I just spent the last 90 minutes reading all the posts in your blog ๐Ÿ˜› I wonder if even u have read them all. ๐Ÿ˜› Liked it, n sorts helped me realise I always judged you right ๐Ÿ™‚Keep writing.


  2. Just to clear one point of yours my friend,Dude,there is nothing in the deal which prevents india from conducting further nuclear tests.The safeguards agreement clearly asks india to demarcate its civil and military centres and nuclear material would only be provided for civilian plants,that too under IAEA’s safeguards.But yes,US who is part of NSG group would provide fuel to india only if it promises not to conduct any tests.But India has other fuel vendors also,for ex Russia,France,Aus. which do not impose such actions.Even U.S is providing another NSG guidelines in a day or two and hope so they bow down to India’s stand.The deal has other negative implications,firstly the reactors are 10 times more costly.Secondly,india wont be able to use spent fuel.Thorium which is the main incredient of spent fuel acts as a very good breeder with the type of Uranium india has,hence india would love to remove this clause.Thirdly,no assurity of uninterrupted nuclear supply.If after installing such expensive plants,NSG members back off(maybe due to some misunderstanding just like in IRAN’s case) then india;s reactor would become garbage.Fourtly,china the main member of board of governors of IAEA has still not opened its cards abt the deal.MAnmohan singh has done a lot for the deal but if china backs off now the deal wont go through.Fiftly,the termination of deal refers to section 2 clause 2 which indirectly links to hyde act which needs to be cleared.And lastly after the deal goes through it needs to be ratified by the US congress,and for this special session need to be called as Bush’s term would expire.The US foreign secretory has expressed his unwillingness to hold any special session for india.Barrack Obama is clearly against the nuclear deal.Considering these factors I think that Manmohan took a huge risk and a hasty step which could have led to the downfall of the whole gov esp in this spiralling inflation,food crisis,and inc fiscal deficit which has crossed 17.2 billion $ mark.ANYWAY’S DUDE a nice article.


  3. i never said that the deal would prevent india from conducting any future tests…the only point was that all the technology and equipment sold through the nuclear deal would come under the scanner and lead to sanctions!


  4. Again you are wrong my friend.India has to declare its civil nulear sites.And ONLY its civil nuclear sites to whom nuclear material will be provided by NSG will come under safeguard.Its military sites would remain as it is.Secondly,even before the deal also,India has declared 14 out of 22 nuclear sites as civilian,and all are under safeguard survelliance by IAEA AT PRESENT also.Regarding its military nuclear sites,India is free to conduct tests,research and even upgrade its technology since now its nuclear scientist will get foreign visa,as they are barred right now.


  5. yaar you are really really amazing!!!you read english in reverse or consider it to be some other alien script that you take each word to be something completely different than what it was meant to be….almost shocking dude!!and by the way…do i know you?


  6. @regali just read your blog and i am again amazed at your understanding ability and the way of interpretation of simple things…most importantly when you talked about placements…you are so wrong “my friend”.apart from abstract stuff…you have got all your facts wrong…most importantly the fact that students from regional colleges earn the same as we do. are you crazy? give me an official list of any NIT’s placements and I will provide the official list of our IITD placement and lets compare.During your stay at IITD, you have not yet understood an iota of the passion and effort that goes behind the building and sustenance of the brand name IIT.


  7. This is an excerpt of your blog “Most importantly, if India conducts a nuclear test in the future, US and other countries would again impose the sanctions that are presently in place.” As far as my english tells me,these lines meant that India wont be able to conduct further nuclear tests.Then,when you replied,I read it a little casually but acc. to my english knowledge you meant that all the technology and equipment transfer would be scanned and therefore,they can lead to sanctions.Your sentence gave me an impression that you meant to say that due to these supplies,India wont be able to conduct future tests,research in military plants.Sorry for the wrong interpretation,friend,to your comment,but i still think that the line you wrote in the blog,meant the other way.


  8. As far as my blog is concerned,initially I wrote it so that no one could read it,and I never knew that by commenting on your blog,this website would connect you to my blog.Anyways,most of the lines written, are absurd,coz at that time I was really drunk when I wrote that blog and was really frustated with IIT due to some reasons.But still I feel that an avg package of IITians is 6-7 lakhs per annum and Gate students is 3-4 lakhs per annum.I know you are the placement head of Tnp and know a lot more than me,and I would certainly welcome the official data that you have.Maybe it would be a revelation for me….thanx…


  9. @regalThe line“Most importantly, if India conducts a nuclear test in the future, US and other countries would again impose the sanctions that are presently in place.”does not in any way mean that India wont be able to conduct further nuclear tests.And your drunk state while writing your blog explains a lot of it…so my bad for the remarks I wrote!


  10. Oh my god…I never knew u would take so minute details of my english usage…now i ll ans in hindi…mere bhai, ye to understood hai ki kisi bhi country ko nuclear test karne se nahi rok sakte…but agar india test karti bhi hai to bhi koi bhi desh usper sanctions NAHI lagayega,except US wo bhi isliye kyunki US ki NSG guidelines mei nuclear test mana hai…lekin US bhi apni guidelines mei amendment karne ko taiyaar ho rha hai(123 agreement mei)…India ke pass options hai ki wo US ke alaawa baaki desh se material le le kyunki wo koi sanctions NAHI lagayenge…And regarding placement,its my humble request to plz provide me the official data as to what was the avg package of IIT students this year? Aakhir,I wanna know how far my perception of placement wrong as compared to the real scenario….


  11. Aur koi sanctions nahi se mera matlab hai ki India would still get uninterrupted nuclear supply from NSG on one side and keep on commiting nuclear tests,on the other hand, simultaneously…


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