Rising from the Ashes!!

The Indian cricket team has made a routine of coming back into the series with a bang. It is this determination and spirit to come back from a test down that truly sets the present team apart from the past. It would not be far from the truth to say that the team embodies the spirit of ‘never die attitude’.

The amazing comeback at Perth in Australia at the start of the year, when everything was supposedly against the Indians, was a display of true grit and determination. Again in the home series against South Africa, the grit shown by them to level the series in the last test was credible. And now in the present series against Sri Lanka, when supposedly Indians had no answer to the magic of Mendis, they again rose from the huge thrashing at Colombo to fight back and level the series at Galle, making the decider at Colombo a mouth-watering wait for every cricket lover.

The surprisingly good thing about these victories has been the team work shown by the Indians. The victory at Perth was a testament of the whole team working to put behind the memories of Sydney and creating a victory against all odds. The Indians were so unforgiving on the Australians that the highly touted Tait had to go in exile to put together his “life”. And not just the Perth test, but all such victories have the common thread of team work running through them. Ofcourse, there were flashes of brilliance – Ganguly and Bhajji at Kanpur against SA; and now Sehwag and Bhajji against SL. The Perth victory was so brilliant that it is difficult to mention any two names that shone in the game.

Moral of the story – nothing is impossible. Just when it seemed that India would not be able to decipher Mendis and fold cheaply against M&M in all three matches; Sehwag showed the way. When one door closes, another door opens; and we need to stop looking at the closed door and make our way to the new door asap.


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