I am at present really desperate to hear some good news. Anything. It does not have to be related to me or anyone I know. Anything. The last couple of weeks have been so exhausting that I am left with almost no energy by the time I come back to my room. Its been work, work and work; with no play 😦
And there haven’t been any substantial results to feel good about. World over, there has been no good news. Be it the hurricanes in US or the national news in India about the Bihar floods, the recent Delhi blasts and so on. No wins in cricket 😦 …no centuries from Sachin…dropping of Ganguly…all adds to the gloom.
In my own life, time is running really fast with loads of things happening. The MTP presentation went well and thats been somewhat positive but nothing to feel really glad about.
So, all in all, I just need some good news to brighten up my life now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!