The Year of Change – 2009

Another year comes to an end with a hope of a wonderful 2009. Its gonna be a year of change not just for me but the world. I am going to graduate in the summers – yes, after five wonderful years here at IIT, I would have to bid goodbye to this place. The good part is that I have a job and would start working soon after I graduate. So before I list down how I expect 2009 to turn out, let me just briefly recount the highs and lows of 2008 – more highs than lows for me 🙂

The year started with the continuation of the placement season and the amazing experience I had working with different people is unforgettable. The academic load in the first semester of the year was tough – however it was nice to cross the 7.5 CG barrier at the end of the semester after securing the first A in a lecture course in IIT 🙂 . Also after being selected to lead the training and placement cell of IIT Delhi, it was one of the best ends of a semester here as exemplified in my post here.

The summers went by without much excitement – just spent a lot of time on computer – finishing up a couple of games and a few TV series. Ahh…yes…also a bit of my major project work. It never remains in my mind and whenever it comes, it always brings a feeling of anger and irritation. The year had started with myself going to the prof (under whom I am presently doing my project) and asking him to allow me to take a project under his guidance. Since the day it was formalized that I would be working under him, it has been a disaster all through out the year. I have never understood him and he can never understand what I want and mean. It is just the worst experience of my life in terms of relationships and I am just surviving on a straw. Hope that straw holds on for the next five months as I aim not to extend my degree into the summers.

The next semester went by in a blur with truck-loads of activity – all related to the placements – right from working on the resume to job preparation – practising for interviews and at the same time leading the placement team to ensure that everything fell into place for the 1000-odd students looking up to us during such a turbulent global economy. The placement days themselves were full of agony and pain. Not getting placed in the initial couple of days was torture, however I kept myself pumped up despite the failures and it was a huge huge relief when I was finally placed at ZS Associates. The day I got placed was a very exciting and exhausting one and definitely demands a separate post (hopefully very soon :P). At the same time, it was very saddening when a few of my friends were not getting placed.

In the end, all of my close friends have been placed and it is again such a relief because otherwise we would not have celebrated the new year in such an amazing way. Last night was amazing – we had decided to go to Saku’s place and have a party – there were eleven of us and we had such a blast 😀 … the first of many such parties to come this semester I hope. We had brought home loads of food and drinks. At first I thought it would not be enough as there were a few ferocious eaters among us. However at the end, the stuff proved to be infinite. We kept on binging on all the stuff and had an amazing night. Just saw the pics and it took away all the guilt I had on waking up this morning 😛

I just hope that most days of 2009 would just be like 31st December – the day I did everything I had planned to do in the morning of that day – cleaned up my room, went out and played a lot, got a haircut, and even took a shower :P. 1st January also actually went the way I expected it to go, however, it wasn’t very eventful. Anyways, there are a couple of new year resolutions that I have made; and because I just read somewhere that most resolutions are fulfilled if they are not publicized. So I won’t blabber about them here and instead make a solemn resolve to fulfill them this year. I just don’t think too much into the future and again this year, I just hope that I am able to achieve the short-term targets I set for myself – whether its at work or my personal goals.

A very Happy New Year to everyone!!!!