Sachin, Sachin!!!

Happy Birthday Sachin!!! Hoping for 100 centuries from your blade!!!
Amen 🙂


Sachin Mania!!!

Well Sachin just got out at 62 at Wellington and it hurts 😦

3 years…yes thats the number of years I had seen the world when Tendulkar had made his debut and he still continues to play and capture the hearts of each Indian every time he comes out to bat. For people of my age-group, he is the person we have idolised since our childhood. I so vividly remember the amazing centuries that have been produced from his blade and today I expect one everytime he comes out to bat. And the amazing form he is in right now makes these 62s’ such huge disappointments.

A night-out in IIT is not such a big deal – whether its for a certain hostel event or for an exam – however, hitting night-outs day after day (or should I say night-after-night) in order to watch Sachin bat live is a unique but enthralling experience. These are some of the last few innings that we are seeing from the almighty and I have made a certain promise to myself to watch them to the maximum extent possible – whether that might include not attending lectures, depriving myself of some sleep (which is actually a big deal) or probably even being bit constantly by monstrous blood sucking mosquitoes while instead I could have been sleeping in my own room peacefully. On second thoughts, these sacrifices are next to nothing rather than thinking 10 years down the line that I slept while I could have watched the God himself coming to earth in order to play those magnificent drives. Ahh…I won’t be able to forgive myself!

Those lovely backfoot punch through the point region or the gorgeous cover drives are pure orgasmic to watch. So whether its the skilful paddle sweep to the spinners or the cheeky but highly effective new gem from the Master – the upper cut over the slips to the pacers; one never gets tired of his batting display. He is the idol of the whole nation and each time he gets out, millions of tv sets across India are shut down – and if there is any doubt in your mind as to why this happens, you just have to watch him bat.

Awesome SRT!! I won’t watch cricket after you retire and I am sure there is a complete generation of cricket fans who would be deprived of this passion!! So I just want to enjoy while it still lasts!! Keep rocking..and hey, just aim to convert those fifties into centuries so that you complete the awesome century of centuries – that would be unbeatable for atleast a century of centuries to come 😀