Memory projections – amazing!

Have you ever wanted to record your memories on a CD and play them when need arises? Its not a fantasy anymore as a new study by researchers at the Hfazal Retinal Institute at Doberg; has discovered the ability of the eye to project images from the brain. Preliminary experiments have unearthed the amazing potential of the optic nerves to be able to carry signals back from the brain to the eye.

“The added functionality”, as Dr. Lipyam, head physician of the study explains, “would require a tiny light source at the back of the eye, called the retina, enabling the rays to travel through the lens and out of the eye, and be projected as 3-D images outside the eyes. Also, the projections are voluntary unlike the vision, where you see everything, whether you want or not. These projections would only be visible on your command. Your memories are private and not for public.”

Its not all good as Dr. Lipyam informs us, “The light source would have to be surgically inserted on the retina, and then two optic nerves attached to the light source. However, removing those nerves, from their predefined task of carrying signals from retina to brain, has shown to reduce the eyesight of the person. The risk is highly reduced because of the ability of the optic nerve to also carry signals from brain back to the eye. This means we do not have to provide any artificial neurotransmitters in the brain.”

Dr. Wayer Poirre, head neuroscientist in the study, however is less thrilled, as he voices the concern of the strength of the memories getting depleted with each projection. “The memories are created with the strengthening of the synaptic connection between nerve cells. During each projection, the brain would send out signals from these connections. Does the strength of the connection deplete or not is an important question we are dealing with?”

These findings are highly instrumental in creating the ability for the human beings to project their memories as 3-D images. There are valid concerns but the preliminary results are astounding.