Time is flying!

Last time I checked in, it was rough. Time was flying by quickly and things were not moving in the right direction. And then a (supposedly) exciting project came up; I was flown across 7000 miles and just when it seemed business as usual that a casual conversation set forth a chain of events that should potentially lead to an exciting future. However, its all under process and needs another couple of months before they are realized. Lots to look forward to, both professionally and personally!

Anyways, other than that, its been exciting on the family front too with my bhaiya’s wedding set for December; and with all the new energy and joyous atmosphere in the family, it feels great.

On the sports front, it has been absolute delight – on one hand, Sachin has been in blazing form (amen!) and I wish to time travel to February for the World Cup; and on the other, CWG success both in terms of hosting and then grabbing the best-ever medal haul, is something I feel hugely proud of. There were issues no doubt but that is a separate discussion altogether.

Though regretfully, I could not attend any event; but traveling around in Delhi on a Games night was such an exciting experience in itself, with the city beautifully lit up. Traveling in the Metro, I observed at least half the riders proudly holding up the CWG ticket vouchers and many a CWG volunteer dressed up in their red and white attire. A few foreign athletes/officials walking comfortably around the city without security truly provided a feeling of a mega sports event being hosted and with the entire city taking pride in it, its really hard for me to believe the hugely negative media coverage.

Anyways, I am so looking forward to December!!