July Ramblings III/IV

On 7-17-2011

Working on-site at AstraZeneca has atleast crossed off one option from my career list – not working in a typical corporate environment till I am atleast 40 and hopefully never. Before a future me assumes any definition, let me explain what I mean here – having a 2 month stint at Rohm/Haas for internship and now at AZ, a boring work environment where people are mostly working in their cubicles with very relaxed work schedule allowing for regular ‘take-off’ time and other perks, or very simply put, something that doesn’t excite me in the night before I sleep and dread the morning.

Now consulting in general or working in MarketLive specifically, is a much better work environment and I am so glad I got work in such a great environment in the first phase of my career. However, I realize that the organization as a whole does not value that. They consider my work in MarketLive not worthy enough of what an OR associate should do; and are almost forced me to work on-site to gain ‘relevant OR experience’. In hindsight, that is BS; but helps me realize the value of ML and the amazing stimulating work environment it created in which to work.

However, if ZS as a company does not value that experience and my interest in doing similar projects, should I continue to work here? What other options do I have? How should I explore other opportunities? What are the things I loved in IIT other than procrastinating and time-pass – photoshop (buy a personal laptop please as a favor to yourself) and writing; organizing stuff and working in teams; table-tennis; computer games (AOE etc.)?


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