July Ramblings II/IV

At 5am on 7-16-2011

Ahh… it feels good to be awake at 5; and being intoxicated not because of alcohol but probably lack of sleep. Last time I think that happened was during my last year of grad school. And I am so glad for it as it helps to actually unclutter my mind a bit.

Lets start with the questions:
1) So do I want to continue at ZS? For how long?
2) Do I want to do an MBA? If yes, when? If in 2013, then when do I give GMAT? And when do I start preparing? What about other stuff?
3) USA or India? Thats the eternal question but I think its too complex to answer now. Frankly, I do want to go back and give something back to India. I don’t know when and how. Maybe I join an NGO for sometime and just work there. Or maybe go back after a few years and just work there. I think going right now is a better idea – maybe look for startups working in the social sector – email prabha sinha about his solar energy work there (GreenLight Planet Inc)
4) Do I continue to concern myself in getting more actively involved in fun stuff? Or do I let things be and focus more on career. Frankly, things are fine for now – I play soccer/dodgeball once a week, go out for movie/dinner/drinks with my co-workers once in a while, play tennis with my brother/cousin once in 2 weeks, go hiking (should do more of this) and going for a run atleast 2 days a week. I do a lot of cooking (its so therapeutic and I love it) – I am amazed how far I have developed my skills in just a few months. Plus all the household work – paying the bills, laundry, ironing, washing the dishes and vacuuming the apartment. That shouldn’t leave a lot of time but to be frank again, I do have awfully lot of spare time still left in a day that I spend watching TV or simply browsing. And thats what I want to change big time. Instead I can read if not write – start studying for GMAT, just go to the gym upstairs.

Anyways, long story short, stop thinking and actually start doing stuff. Write emails, dont worry about responses or what people think. Don’t worry too much about the future and do stuff that makes you happy; and not simply because of peer pressure. 


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