Rambling September series I

9-14-2011 2 am

Its incredibly amazing how quickly time flies – its almost shocking to see that the last rambling was almost 2 months back. Stuff has happened , things are moving – some stuff taking a positive turn while some not so; while many taken the wrong path after starting in the right direection.

Firstly, I wanted to mention the laptop I bought just a couple of weeks after the July ramblings – not made the best use of it yet, but looking back and understanding the big craving I had for it, I am glad I did myself a favor – the August me owed it to the July me. I have downloaded Photoshop on it; but then realized how I am going to use it if I do not have the ‘hours’ and ‘hours’ at length to spare like sometimes in IIT. And more importantly, what would be the motivation behind it? In IIT, there was always some bigger objective pushing me towards providing that final last touch.

Work-wise also, 


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