Rambling September series II

Quarter-life crisis?

I do not know what I want to do – forget about life 20 years down the line, I am not even clear about my life a year from now or say even tomorrow.

Do I want to wake up very reluctantly every day of my life at 7 in the morning, get ready with my eyes half closed and run to the office to reach in time for the first meeting? And then, do what I am told, work my ass off to make money for someone else and then crash back to my home before the entire cycle repeats!!

The answer is obviously a simple ‘no’! But is there an alternative? Can I do something so that I love my work – do it at my own pace (that I am sure will be fine if I am passionate about it)?

But that needs some motivation and moving my lazy ass – googling and researching for energy startups maybe and before that also updating my resume!  But what am I passionate about?


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