A year in Philly – Part II

The later half of 2011 was not as dramatic as the first – in August, I booked tickets to go back to India in early November for my cousin’s marriage. Other than work and playing tennis, days passed by really quickly. The India trip was short but really awesome. I need not explain the warmth of staying with my parents for those few days. The marriage was fun but meeting college friends was just amazing – I so wished I could live closer to them – it even led me to pursue a job back in Gurgaon but that didn’t work out.

At the end of the year, I started panicking about my short-term goals – basically the mid-life crisis. I bought GMAT book and thought of preparing for MBA, or even a job-change, but the lazy me did not allow even a wisp of air to that thought. I did work towards updating the resume but nothing materialized.

At work, after missing promotion in the last cycle, I was really glad to be promoted end of December. It was dicey till the last moment but was I not glad to clear the hurdle this time around. However, the promotion basically blew away the MBA or job-change plans and led me to the crazy road trip with Sumeet during Christmas break – we simply drove covering 1200 miles in less than 48 hours, but it was good to get away.

We celebrated New Years at Allentown with all the usual cousins and had a great time. I wished 2012 to be a better year and hopefully change the tide for even better days.