Bubble burst!

I am not someone who easily makes good friends but once I connect with someone, I cherish that friendship. Its not that I have made extra effort to maintain but just followed my gut and I feel really lucky to have made a number of life long friendships.

I definitely believe in the notion of ‘make new friends but keep old ones’, and this holds especially true for migrants like me who uprooted themselves from India and came over to create a new life here. And here is where I gradually started to make friends – but then now one of life’s bubbles has probably burst – not everyone is nice at heart.

I understand friends drifting away due to fights, distances, relationships etc, but a friend just somehow ignoring you crushes me. I also understand if you don’t connect at first and hence try to avoid the other person, but once you have a healthy friendship going, and no good reason for ignoring – I just don’t get it. I understand making new friends and even spending more time with them, but not continuing old friendships is plain weird.

I still hope there is some good explanation to it – the only explanation being that from me being the only good friend in Philly, she found someone else to connect to for small everyday talk. But can someone just do that and forget the old friend when there are no physical barriers as such? I guess thats true and thats why its one of my life’s biggest lessons. Do not get too close to a person unless you are truly truly sure that you are judging them correctly. I always considered myself a good judge of people but if this is true, I have hurt myself big time and created major emotional barriers for the future.

Time is a great healer and I am sure I will get over this pretty quickly. I see relationships breaking apart for some odd reason but not good friendship. I think I invest too heavily in relationships, whether friendship or romantic, so when such an investment goes awry, its very tough for me to handle it.