100HappyDays – Day 4

With life hitting rock bottom these days, it is indeed difficult to identify rays of hope. I continually think of the rejections from business schools, of the burning desire to leave ZS, of my drastically failing health and fitness levels, and most of the times of the lost love. So when I get a message from her, it has an incredible mix of pain and soothing effect. However, her messages still keep my heart beating.

Today it was heart-wrenching watching an episode of Shameless and understanding the major misunderstanding between Lip and Fiona. At the same time, watching a young girl cry after performing amazingly well in figure skating, was a happy moment and I desperately want her to win the gold.

However, during my daily grind, it was really nice to just remember the conversation I had with an old lady who lives right next to my apartment. She was so warm and nice and gave full attention to me. Today’s cheers to happy memories that make you drag through another long day at work and keeps you motivated enough.

Other contenders:
 – Whatsapp being bought by Facebook for 18 billion USD. Not just that news but the fact that Whatsapp founder was rejected for a job at Facebook five years back. Incredibly incredibly inspiring!!! 


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