100HappyDays – Day 5

Today has been a rough day – again had a heart-breaking chat. In addition, being late for a client meeting didn’t really help either.

Anyways, reading inspiring posts on Quora has been helpful. Driving alone and just soaking into my thoughts without any technological distractions had a calming effect as well. One interesting output was the discovery of the ‘be limitless’ app that would help track my browsing activity – a very exciting app. However, the most calming moment today has been listening to Aashiqui 2 songs on repeat for a long time while driving as well as at home. ‘Tum hi ho’ and ‘Sun raha hai na’ songs touch the right chords in my heart.

Other contenders:
– Eating maggi
– Talking to Bhaiya

In addition to my happy moments, I feel this might be a good place to track my goals on a day-to-day basis:
(1) Happiness (above)
(2) Health – did 10 min run and 10 squats
(3) Ideas – being able to project out your memories by mapping memories
(4) Career – need to start exploring other job opportunities if the MBA thing does not work out
(5) Hobbies – started reading ‘The Secret’
(6) Networking – called Bhaiya, Dr Tauji, Sumeet


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